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October 25, 2020

I am at the center politically, philosophically, and ideologically. Or was. Or will be. Because it manifests as a moving target, constantly defined and redefined. The far Left views me as far Right, or alt-Right (or worse). The far Right views me as not Right enough. The further you get from the center, the more it sits on the horizon. So, what defines the Center?

Throughout history, even prehistory, there have been the dueling concepts of order and chaos. They have been represented in many ways. Perhaps one of the most familiar is the Taoist yin and yang, the symbol being two serpents, head to tail.

I thank one of the great probing minds of our generation, the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, for reminding us that the goal is to traverse the narrow road between the two, because one side leads to anarchy, and the other to tyranny. That narrow path is the Center.

If the Center were easy to find and negotiate, there would be no Left or Right, no tyranny or anarchy. The primary tool for balancing on this tightrope is the yardstick of Truth. But finding truth isn’t always an easy task, either. So having a Right and a Left is important, each to keep the other in check, and to keep us centered.

No one side is the repository for truth. At different times and in different places, those on the Left and on the Right have sought to lure the unsuspecting to its side with “truth.” It isn’t until anarchy or tyranny is the end result that the illusion of this false truth is exposed, and the road back to the Center, if it can be found at all, usually takes generations. The most prominent but not the only examples in our time of tyranny on the Left are the Soviet Union and China. The most prominent on the Right were Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Recent references I’ve received from a local professor attest to new tyranny on the Right developing in Hungary and Poland (although, as per my last rant, the Leftist analysts use this for rather perverse assessments of the current situation in America). Examples of anarchy on the Left can be found in the French Revolution, and the Communist Revolution prior to the consolidation of power.

Today, here in the US, we’re entering a period of anarchy on the Left which, if not checked, will lurch into Leftist fascism and attendant tyranny. The signs are everywhere. The manifest racism of the Left is being defined as anti-racism, divisive doctrines of intersectionality are being defined as tolerance, and supporting criminal over lawful behavior in the name of social “justice” is now becoming mainstream. To maintain this, there is selective reporting and suppression of events and dispensing outright lies as truths. It’s not that unchecked Rightism can’t go from order to tyranny (the Handmaid’s Tale paradigm) or degenerate from it’s own seeds of corruption (it clearly can), it’s simply that that’s not where we are at this time and this place, where the abundance (not the totality) of truth currently has found a home on the Right.

The checks and balances instantiated in our Constitution to keep us moving forward between the yin and the yang will not be supported by a Biden administration. And in fours more years of a Trump administration, I assure you, there will be no roving bands of breeding handmaids.


October 22, 2020

I was recently introduced to a series of references describing the widespread adoption of populist movements in Eastern Europe (with an emphasis on Poland and Hungary) that paint a dire fascist picture. All of these right-wing governments are depicted as consolidating power at the expense of civil liberty by circumventing their constitutions, judicial court-packing, and governmental control of the media, along with other illegal acts. For the sake of this discussion I will assume the validity of these analyses, which are internally consistent. What’s important to note, each of the references, provided to me by an intelligent, unapologetic professor on the left of the political spectrum, are clearly penned by Leftists.

While a couple of the articles are a vicious anti-Trump diatribes (which doesn’t in itself invalidate all the content but does raise serious questions regarding reliability), the others were less nasty but no less biased. While clearly delineating the transformation of Eastern European governments from liberal to populist right, likely far to extremist right by the description, what’s striking are the tortured attempts to draw parallels to our current situation here in the US. Every piece implicated Trump as participating in or spearheading a similar transformation here on American soil, and espoused on the imminent dangers. (One did, correctly in my opinion, recognize Trump’s election as the culmination of prior change rather than the trigger.) Some authors were terrified (or were attempting to terrify others) that Trump was going to declare the upcoming election invalid and literally seize power. One piece validated the bestial doctrine of critical race theory. All tried to imply we’re on the road to the Handmaid’s Tale unless Trump is unseated. Not a one even hinted that the current unrest was being promulgated here by the far Left, specifically Antifa and BLM, Inc., and there was no mention of the roles of cancel culture, intersectionality, critical race theory, and the domination of the mainstream media utilizing false and suppressed “news” as an arm of the Democrat Party to further a political agenda. There were plenty of examples of corruption and verbal malfeasance attributed to Trump, some deserved, but not a word of the greater corruption and verbal misconduct by Biden and Leftists in positions of power. While one author described the dangers of court-packing and anti-constitutional behavior overseas attributed to the Right (in fairness likely penned prior to the most recent Democrat shenanigans), the threat on US soil to our Constitutional form of government via these dangerous means and others today comes from the Left, not the Right. While I didn’t see a direct reference to Trump as Hitler, there were of course implications, with references to Nazism, echoing similar, carelessly promulgated comparisons to Trump in our mainstream media and elsewhere. One article shamelessly stated all the old tropes against our country’s claims of exceptionalism, leaning heavily on carefully delineated flaws while ignoring all the stellar accomplishments.

Clearly, if I only had access to or chose to read only articles with this degree of bias, I could not come away with any different view of Trump (which he does little to dispel with his rhetoric, despite a highly defensible economic and foreign policy record, and an arguably better pandemic record than his opponents). If I already harbored these beliefs, it is likely I wouldn’t even detect the bias. The combination of the “anti-fascist” Left and the “Trump as the anti-Christ” Left explains the otherwise inexplicable willingness to accept a failing Biden as a front for the far Left over Trump by such a large portion of the electorate. The big question, only a couple of weeks away, is just how large.


October 20, 2020

A friend (yes, I still have a few) and I were jawing about the sociopolitical landscape and the striking 180-degree variance in views and values that defines the current political cycle and divides the country. I’ve maintained that while many events are interpreted through the lens of our political beliefs, the gulf cannot be explained by this alone. A great deal can be attributed to ignorance, in the true sense of the word, where information is lacking. In its more typical, pejorative use, it implies a moral judgment that the person so tagged is willfully not seeking knowledge. However, in our current sociopolitical climate, it’s become evident to me that there has been a grave inequity in the distribution of knowledge in my favor, the disparity exacerbated by an induced unwillingness by many to receive even the crumbs of knowledge that manage to fall through the increasingly dense Leftist filter. The following, I contend, well characterizes a significant subset of the vehemently anti-Trump Left. Some pundits have said that Leftists, devoid of God and religion, have adopted the modern progressivism as their religion. The often volatile behavior and inability of those on the far Left (as distinct from true liberals) to rationally discuss and debate issues and events may support this notion. What’s most striking is the disproportionate hatred directed toward the current President. I remember how the Right hated Obama and the Left hated Bush junior with intensity, but those were like spring showers to today’s emotional hurricane. With Trump, the move to oust him began during his campaign, and has continued unabated throughout his administration, employing extraordinary and often ludicrous means. I’m hard pressed to find a single accomplishment of his, and there have been many, extolled in the mainstream media. Conversely, his every word and action has been criticized and/or twisted, even to the point of silliness (I used to say that if Trump declared cancer was bad, the opposition would try to explain its virtue). It’s so bad that friends have unfriended friends, and families have disowned family. Even allowing for policy differences, and I was not a fan of Obama, it’s hard to fathom this degree of acrimony. During my conversation, it hit me: To many disciples of the ideology of progressivism, Trump is literally the anti-Christ.

The Bible, a perennial best-seller now in disrepute in many quarters that I’m finally close to completing as a bucket list item, underscores something that most of us, Christian and non-Christian alike, have known: the claim by believers that Christ “died for our sins.” To paraphrase the ideas of the New Testament, accepting Christ as the son of God and following the rules of behavior as laid out in the Gospel absolves you of sin and paves the way for eternal life. With this as a template, viewing Trump as a mirror image explains a lot. Just about everything the Left perceives as bad, be it COVID, climate change, “systemic” racism and misogyny, whatever, is attributed to Trump (and, by extension, the “deplorable” followers). If you believe this, he is surely evil incarnate. To the progressive Left, he’s become the center, or secular sponge, for most of our current societal ills, just as Christ is defined by Christians as the repository of the cure for all human sin. And thus, removing Trump is seen as a giant step toward resolving those ills. It’s safer, and simpler that digging deep into the real root causes, many of which would reflect negatively on well-intentioned, deeply held beliefs.

The danger of the gulf between belief and reality is that when he’s gone, and the problems remain, as they inevitably must, the havoc will already be done. Because those that constructed the straw man anti-Christ so widely accepted as the new, progressive Gospel will have already moved one giant step closer to the goal—fundamental socialist change—and the road back is a hard one.



October 12, 2020

If the polls are to be believed, even allowing for the 2016 poll fiasco, Trump has lost ground over the last couple of weeks and is the underdog. Two events seem to have arrested his resurgence: His debate performance (mostly a referendum on his demeanor) and his infection with COVID-19. The debate probably hurt him less than the latter, as Trump is Trump and it’s baked into the cake. So why does he double down on his behavior with respect to the pandemic? With the Left versus Trump, this can be explained by the simple laws of political physics: Every overreaction has an equal and opposite overreaction.

No one can deny that COVID is the worst pandemic of our lives, the worst since the Spanish flu of 1918 (although about 1 million have died worldwide to date versus an estimated 50 million in 1918, likely due to our medical advances). The disease is highly transmissable but a mixed bag with respect to mortality, depending on age and risk factors. And, because of the times we live in, it has been politicized. Trump perceives his opponents are supporting lock-downs for purely political reasons, namely to suppress the economic recovery prior to the election. I believe he was being honest when he stated his early, ill-advised overly optimistic views of the virus were for the purpose of preventing “panic.” Later, however, I believe he used his inconsistent masking and social isolation practices and over-the-top optimism to counter the opposing political narrative supporting a second economic lock-down. It is reasonable to assume the Left’s use of alarmist tactics that accentuate the dangers of the pandemic and minimize the evidence refuting the need for a second lock-down is not simply for altruistic reasons. Remarks about maintaining school closures until “after the election” also give credence to this view. While many might criticize this conclusion as horribly cynical, good people (that is, most liberals) can be influenced to accept a more dire prognosis than the facts would otherwise support if it fits their belief system and is repeated often and loudly enough. It is clear from the rhetoric that at least some of the anti-Trump crowd feel that he is a greater risk than the pandemic or economic malaise. With the conflicting messages, you see some people wearing masks outside with no one in sight, while others ignore reasonable masking and social distancing precautions, usually but not exclusively along political lines. The middle ground of minimizing lock-downs to save the economy along with sensible masking and social isolation often gets lost in the kerfuffle. Sadly, Trump’s policies with regard to the pandemic have been mostly laudable but overshadowed by his personal remarks and antics, culminating in his contraction of the disease. It is worth remembering he closed the borders to infection earlier than the progressive contingent would have (and was criticized by Biden for it as xenophobic), and provided assistance and ventilators to the states that needed them and was praised for it by both blue and red state governors. He also supported the medical community in the unprecedented development of vaccines in record time. Still, Leftist politicians like NY Governor Cuomo, who encouraged riding the subways and sent infected old people back to the nursing homes, were given a pass, or even lionized. A reasonable counter-argument could be made that had Trump set a good example more people would have masked and isolated and the curve further flattened. But, especially early on, the evidence for masking was mixed (and, in fact not recommended), and later on half the country would be unlikely to view him as a role model, regardless. Furthermore, the politicians and media on the Left demonstrated a pattern of willingness to ignore or minimize the contribution of large, poorly-isolated gatherings if for the purpose of social protest. So Trump, in typical fashion, overshadows his own poorly reported successes with a politically disastrous campaign by trying to counter the alarmist Left with an unrealistic optimism that doesn’t resonate with the voters.

Despite ample evidence (suppressed in the mainstream media) of a problematic Biden past as least as bad, and probably worse than Trump’s*, it seems the majority of Americans may be willing to allow the Democrats to consolidate power by changing the rules (the failure to admit they wouldn’t pack the Supreme Court or “pack the country” with additional liberal states is telling). Kind of like adding innings to baseball or allowing 4 strikes if you’re not winning as much as you’d like.

Trump’s political malpractice and an electorate infused with ideologically-driven ignorance may be the downfall of an America that has changed the world for the better, and will leave future generations much poorer spiritually and economically.

*Biden has plagiarized, lied about his educational standing, been accused of sexual molestation (not investigated), been implicated in corruption via son Hunter (not investigated), made overtly racist remarks at least as incendiary as Trump’s, supports the untenable Green New Deal while simultaneously denying it, refuses to comment on packing the Supreme Court, and has publicly lauded criminals over law enforcement. Harris likely rose in the ranks on the “casting couch,” prosecuted marijuana users while laughing about it, and also publicly supports criminals over law enforcement. There’s a lot more if you look for it.


October 3, 2020

So now he’s got it. The public reaction is as expected, and a bit unexpected. Many anti-Trumpers have unsurprisingly wished him ill, if not death, and have made snarky remarks about hsi getting what he deserves, and “karma.” What is surprising is that some far Leftists (Rachel Maddow comes to mind as an example) have appropriately wished him and Melania well despite their disagreements with him and oft-professed outright hatred. And, in fairness, Trump did set himself up for criticism with his off-and-on support for masking and do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do tepid support for social distancing. The argument on the Left, however, that the pandemic is on its face a Trumpian failure of management, like most Leftists arguments, loses validity when we actually inject facts. Despite Trump’s intermittent, and sometimes over-the-top proclamations of optimism with respect to the virus (motivated, per Trump, by a wish to prevent panic), he did restrict travel from China and then Europe (and was criticized for it) at a time both sides were uncertain of the virus’ eventual impact here. It is conveniently ignored by the Left-dominated media that Pelosi was sightseeing in Chinatown in a virtue-signaling show of her lack of Chinese xenophobia for the cameras, Biden was actively labeling Trump xenophobic, Cuomo was sending infected old folks back to the nursing homes, and Cuomo or de Blasio (or both) were telling people to ride the subways and have a good time. Trump gets zero credit from these same media sources for providing the support requested by the state governors of both political stripes (for which he was publicly thanked by them) and ramping up ventilator production, a resource that ended up never being overwhelmed. So his handling of the pandemic is a mixed bag with, as usual, his deeds outshining his words and personal example.

Medically, the president falls in a “high risk” category for complications by dint of age and (over-) weight and has a roughly 1-5% chance of this depending on whom you ask. So, God-willing, he’ll have a mild infection and rapid recovery. I’ve found Ben Shapiro’s analyses to be sober and factually grounded, and I agree with him that Trump’s medical course, considering human nature, is likely to affect policy with respect to economic lock-downs going forward, even though it should not be dictated by anecdotal evidence but by the data.

Politically, there’s mostly downside. Most obviously, as mentioned, his lip service to masking and social isolation while serving as a less than stellar example has given fuel to those that have criticized him. It is true that the evidence for the value of masking came late and remains mixed, but it is reasonable to do both in situations where people are likely to be in close contact, especially indoors. The criticism of the Left rings hollow with hypocrisy, though, as we’d be hard pressed to find a single outcry from their ranks during the frequent mass protests. Additionally, Trump will be denied the opportunity for live rallies for at least 2 weeks and could miss out on the next debate opportunity. Overall, I don’t see the president’s illness as affecting those that have already made up their minds whom they are voting for. For the likely vanishingly small segment of the population that remains undecided (and that could determine the result in a close election), it seems unlikely to help him in the face of the constant Leftist anti-Trump drumbeat. That being said, a small portion may give a sympathy vote.

Barring a serious change in the president’s health, the election may have already been decided, and it’s just a matter of waiting for the results to roll in.


October 1, 2020

If you watched the presidential, and I use the term guardedly, debate last night, don’t try to read this until your double vision clears. If it seemed like it was a debate between a bully and a nasty child, that’s because it was. Trump’s strategy of pummeling to provoke instability backfired, and Biden’s ploy (doubt strategy made an appearance) of name-calling and lying did as well. For those of you that missed the fisticuffs, or can’t bear another moment without a recap, I’ll offer the following brief analysis of what I deem the most salient points.

Trump never heard the old adage, “If you give a man enough rope, he’ll hang himself.” Every time Biden tried to jump off the platform with the noose around his neck, Trump (or the moderator, Chris Wallace), reeled him in. Among the lies spouted by the former vice president were support for and denial of support for the Green New Deal in the same sentence (visit his website), overt support for the notion of America as a systemically racist nation, and the denial of Antifa as a group (basically it’s an “idea” roving about in black shirts and masks). He also claimed the provable links to his son Hunter’s pay-offs coming out of Russia and the documented risks (by multiple recent ballot incidents) of ballot tampering with universal mail-in voting were false. Probably the most perspicacious thing he said to Trump all night was, “Shut up!” Had the president taken that advice, he might have fared better.

Trump, on the other hand spent little or no time lying, just bumbling with poorly-worded answers and retorts that have and will provide the media the space they need to distort his meaning (and, believe me, for this they’ve always needed very little to no space). For instance, when Wallace asked him to denounce white supremacists, he immediately agreed (which Wallace ignored), then when badgered further Trump meandered off into a true but mangled diatribe against the Left, even responding to a mistaken reference by Biden on the Proud Boys, a controversial but not “white supremacist” group.

Wallace, probably irritated by Trump’s aggressive interruptions of Biden, apparently decided to side with his opposition. Besides the above-mentioned loaded question implying that white supremacists have played a major role in the recent violence, he presented Trump with a question about his executive order banning the teaching of critical race theory in federal agencies, but disguised the hateful program with the term “racial sensitivity training.” Another example of moderator bias occurred when Biden refused to answer Wallace’s question on whether he’d pack the Supreme Court, claiming it would make it “the issue,” (and Lord knows, we shouldn’t waste the brief time we have for name-calling on issues). Wallace docilely moved one.

My assessment of the outcome: A draw. Those that were going to vote Trump will vote Trump, and those for Biden will cast their vote for Harris…I mean Biden. A friend of mine thinks the undecideds will shift to Biden, but I’m not as sure. For Trump, whom the polls (if correct) show as trailing, I’d count this failed opportunity to increase his support as a debate loss.

In November, if the nation votes on his deeds, he’ll win another 4 years. If it votes on his words, well, say hello to a Harris/Biden administration.


August 24, 2020

I’m the only conservative among the blood relatives in my family. For years I’d related a decade old telephone conversation with a relative as an example of parallel liberal-to-conservative sociopolitical evolution, (he’s stayed back East, I’ve migrated from NY to CA). So I thought it was time for my next 10-year call. He’s a smart and logical guy, and after the familial updates, we got around to discussing COVID and I expressed my view that eventually we’d overcome the pandemic, but I wasn’t as sure about the rent in our sociopolitical fabric. He responded, “Yeah, we need to get that guy out of office.” I’d erroneously assumed that if anyone would be immune to the “orange man bad” rhetoric, it would be him; and his casual response indicated that, like others on the left, he was certain I shared his beliefs. We avoided lengthy discussions of the issues, agreeing that we would be unlikely to change the other’s mind, but he did ask what seemed to me to be his litmus test of the depth of my eccentricity: my view on climate change (the implication being it is “settled science”). Both of us lacking the time for an in-depth discussion, I accepted that I’d likely be viewed a “flat-earther” and simply indicated that I’d researched the subject, listened to speakers on both sides of the issue (yes, there are two), and believed the climate is warming but don’t subscribe to the alarmist take that is being used for political purposes, or the validity of the proposed “solutions.”

Interactions like this with people I respect that have a divergent world view are profound and frequently cause me to pause and reevaluate my current beliefs. However, the opposing viewpoints and reportage, rather than becoming more coherent, are diverging more and more from the overt reality, sometimes expressed through hyperbole, and often via omission or outright lies. These tactics are not limited to the Left, only extraordinarily more extreme and frequent to an extent that continues to amaze me. There is little question the apparent success the radical Left has achieved would not have been possible in the absence of control of the mainstream media, an educational system with preconditioned minds, and the ability to disproportionately filter major social media sites such as Twitter, Google, and to a lesser extent, Facebook. For normally intelligent, logical and discerning people to look at all the information and boil it down to “Trump” seems to me to be impossible. There are bad people who are willfully using misinformation to accrue power, but the people I’m referring to are honest, well-intentioned, and bright. So only two possibilities remain: I’m wrong or they are misinformed. My having acquired a conservative state of mind via a liberal upbringing and a difficult evolution, I’ve excluded delusion through nurture. And there are countless historical and contemporary examples of the end result of what is happening now in the US, if one is willing to critically examine them. In addition, my perception spans a couple of decades, long before COVID, Black Lives Matter, Inc., or Trump. So my only conclusion is that good people on the left are being pounded again and again with the same inaccurate or incomplete information; they are far less likely to seriously listen to conservative sources than I am to visit liberal/Leftist ones—I can hardly avoid them. My occasional visits to some right-wing opinion sites I normally avoid due to excessive pro-Trump bias confirm that even they cite facts more frequently and completely than the Leftist equivalent.

I recognize that it’s difficult to go to places at odds with our deeply ingrained ideology, and the instinct is to dismiss views that make us uncomfortable. Simply put, no one wants to be “wrong.” Withdrawing into the protective cocoon of “it’s Trump’s fault, and things will be better if only he’s gone” can be comforting, but also simplistic and lead to wrong conclusions. I could rehash details ad nauseum to support this, but it’s already been done, by me and others. Instead, I choose to hope that many of these bright, busy people just haven’t started paying enough attention yet, but will be investigating more thoroughly in the time remaining before the election. And, perhaps, there are a lot already out there that see, but are afraid to speak before going to the ballot box. In any case, the result will demonstrate the net value system of our great but beleaguered nation.


July 20, 2020

I had a discussion with a conservative friend recently. Both his daughter and her husband are liberal; I don’t know if they are Leftist or SJWs, but the fact that the son-in-law labeled my friend racist on the basis of his conservative beliefs alone, gives me a clue which way he’s heading. To maintain the peace (and retain the right to visit with his grandchild) his objections to the characterization were restrained.

My friend is only one of several I know that can no longer discuss politics with their offspring. To foster productive debate, the other person has to have a willingness to engage and the time to defend his or her beliefs with facts on issues that are often nuanced. This is becoming less tenable in the current political climate. I fear I’ve lost at least two childhood friends simply by expressing my views, and I’m not alone in this.

Hence, I discuss politics little at this time with my daughters. While they are intelligent, and certainly well-loved, we agree on little politically. Discussions became cantankerous, so we avoid them. I accept part of the responsibility; I’ve a tendency to become irritated (yeah, I’m working on it) which causes me to appear to them as judgmental. Hence, I’m uncertain how far into woke SJW territory they’ve wandered. I know they support the BLM group-sponsored protests and they regard them as generally peaceful with the violence viewed as an aberrancy and distinct from the protests. They have never overtly called me racist, and I doubt they will, as racism is a sin and they are honorable people. But I’m not sure that they don’t think it. And this uncertainty irks me. I fantasize that if they were coming from a position of believing I’m not racist, but a thoughtful, informed individual who started where they were, my current conservative beliefs would spark introspection and exploration of how I’ve come to this place. Instead, I imagine they regard me as consciously or subconsciously racist, a product of an unenlightened generation. If true, I suppose this was inevitable. They were schooled in a system that increasingly defined the country by its flaws rather than its foundational values and its remarkable progress in living up to them. This has been reinforced by the mainstream media and peers. Such indoctrination beginning at a young age would be hard to overcome.

I recently came across this important video. It should have more credibility than I for people on the other side of the aisle, coming from a former SJW, Keri Smith, who professes to still be a liberal. It is well worth the time to watch. She eloquently validates my fears for the country if the current ascendance of Leftist wokeness is allowed to take its course unimpeded.

I understand that many liberals cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump. If I had a reasonable alternative, I wouldn’t either. While I like many of his policy decisions, his tweets have served to accelerate the alarming social rift (the political malpractice I’ve previously discussed). I don’t see the current Democrat Party as an alternative, not just because I oppose its policies, but because it, and its politicians, have allowed themselves to be commandeered by Leftist woke dogma. I know a lot of informed liberals out there are not fans of this. The recent letter defending free speech, signed by J. K. Rowling and many other prominent liberals, is one indication of this. I believe this ideology to be so toxic to the continued success and unity of our country that a Democrat power shift at this time is untenable, and yes, worse than four more years of Trump. While radical change under Democrat rule will inevitably be opposed, it will continue to accelerate the social/cultural destruction we are now witnessing in this climate of strident mob mentality and appeasement born out of a fear of being labeled and ostracized. I would ask that traditional Trump-hating liberals that are uncomfortable with the effects of the woke transition, dig deep, get some more information, hear out Keri Smith, and then, if you become as alarmed as I am, consider the impact of a Leftist-infused government with fewer checks. I believe that wokeness and informed knowledge of the facts cannot comfortably coexist.


July 12, 2020

Dear Mr. President:

As a citizen and a constituent it pains me to say you’re a terrible politician, and hence a failure. I know you were elected as an outcry against the status quo, and your training and background are as a businessman and an entertainer. Like many, I thought not being a politician was a plus. I was wrong.

The decline of our nation has been so insidious, so well crafted, that at least half the country now believes that the system is evil and must be excised, or are oblivious to what the notion of “fundamental change” means. The Left has convinced too many that “hate speech” must be exorcised, and they define what it is. They have convinced too many that dissidents to their ideology of diversity, intersectionality, and “anti-racism,” nothing more than Orwellian terms for separation, socialism, and racism, should be “canceled,” demonetized, muffled, and unemployed. They are taking the nation down the path of the Soviet Union, China, and Venezuela. And too many can’t see it despite its unfolding right before their eyes. The increase in racial tension, the violence, the suppression of dissenting voices—and you are, in large part, to blame.

I will give you credit for your energy and perseverance. Few people, at any age, could have swum against the political currents as you have, righting an anemic economy, passing criminal reform legislation, confronting Chinese deviousness, and increasing the security at our border. You have been consistently demonized beyond your flaws, and they are many, and lied about. It’s not surprising you’ve had judgment lapses in the setting of a 2-year hoax promulgated by the Left of Russian collusion with the full-throated support of the mainstream media, followed on its heels by an outrageous politically-motivated impeachment. And without recognition of any accomplishments. To the contrary, everything has been blamed on you, including COVID-19. You have become, to many, the devil-incarnate. It has been the second most impressive marketing campaign ever undertaken, only eclipsed by resurrecting the image of the United States, probably the fairest, most tolerant nation in the world in 2020, as the most systemically racist and economically elite. But I still blame you.

To quote a prominent conservative thinker and commentator, you constantly commit political malpractice. There are still many of us out there that believe in the fundamental principles that undergird the country. Many of us can still distinguish between the value of equality of opportunity and the evil of enforced equality of outcome. Many of us still understand the reason our Constitution defends all speech, because tomorrow someone who disagrees will decide your speech is “hate speech.” Many of us still understand that anti-white hatred and discrimination is also racism. We see that the cities suffering the most, tragically presided over and populated by the same citizens of color that blame you, have been run for decades by the very people calling you out. We are not fooled by references to past sins to paper over the present in service of a malignant movement, and can understand statistics and hard facts that undermine the Leftist talking points being used to fundamentally change the country. And you’ve failed us with your tweets. You take a step forward with grand speeches, and instead of pressing forward, presidentially, and underscoring the inevitable outcome of the ascendant Leftist agenda of more violence, race hatred, and restricted speech, your ego takes over and you take two steps back, devolving into self-absorbed tweets about trivia, such as Bubba Wallace and the noose incident. You’ve reinforced the media’s false narrative so many times that even those who don’t like the lurch to the far Left that has consumed the Democrat Party won’t vote for you.

I know you think your tweets helped you win the last election. I used to think so too. Now I realize you won in spite of them. I now believe you would have won not only the electoral college vote, but the popular vote as well if they had been less off-putting. I believe the current polls, indicating double-digit losses to probably the weakest presidential candidate ever (yes, that includes Hillary) reflect your own political sabotage. There are few votes out there for Biden; he’s a place-holder—they’re anti-Trump. The current climate of violence and racial tension fomented by the Left should be your political ally. Even the COVID-depleted economy, in the setting of your prior demonstrated success, should be a friend. But instead, your political malpractice and malfeasance has let us down. Under your continued leadership, our recovery would by no means be assured, but it will assuredly be devastated by your opponent and his as yet unnamed but likely far-Left running mate. And your intransigence may also shift the balance of power in the Senate.

If you can’t overrule your temperament and ego and place wisdom between your twitter finger and the screen, and quickly, you will fail the country. Too many of us are counting on you.


A Worried Constitutionalist


July 6, 2020

Dear Voter:

A very small group of American citizens will be determining the fate of the nation in 4 months. You are one of them. This is not hyperbole. The signs of a terrible rent in the fabric of our society are everywhere. The Democrats have decided to go with the far left version of America, that of a systemically racist nation, built on the backs of slaves, rotten at its core, and in need of fundamental change. The Republicans, weakly in my opinion, support the notion of a sinful past overcome on the back of a nation built on the principles of God-given rights, equal opportunity for all, and a limited government of, by and for a people entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As concerning as the riots, statue disfiguration and destruction, killings, and isolation, with the consent of the governing, by activists of a portion of a major American city are, I see signs of things even more disturbing. This is not tantamount to the Awakening in the ‘60s and is not a “one-off” or a blip, but a sea change. There has been wholesale acceptance of the Democrat narrative by the major corporations, the most recent evidence being the removal by Nike, long a fan of the far left, of all products with the Redskins logo, until the team name is changed. As Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator points out, conservative thought is now counter-culture. Some of you may think this is good. But as corporate actions indicate, this is just a warning shot of the power about to be exerted over your lives. The cultural shift is not limited to race relations. A new video shows BLM marchers protesting; not decrying police brutality, but Israel, as child-killers. But the most disturbing indicator to me is the story of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the armed St. Luis, MO couple that received national attention for defending their home from angry BLM protesters that entered a private, gated community, possibly forcefully (narratives vary). Fortunately, no shots were fired. The Left’s take on the incident sarcastically complains that it doesn’t matter that the protesters were heading to the Mayor’s house, what matters is that the McCloskeys were afraid— a “boo-hoo” criticism coming, ironically, from a member of the group that invented the idea of feelings over facts and “safe spaces.” Interviews with McCloskey suggest the event was not the benign encounter portrayed by left-leaning sources, and the couple appear to be credible, their account buttressed by the chilling aftermath of multiple death threats, an unreturned 911 call, and multiple private security firms refusing to provide service to the frightened couple. One even recommended that they abandon their home and leave it to be burned. Regardless of your personal take on the incident, what is clear is that the appeasement of violence and abdication of responsibility by our elected officials in concert with the withdrawal of the police (in the wake of their unwarranted wholesale demonization), has led to a mindset that will only lead to more of the same, and eventual injury and death.

I know the Republicans are weak. I know Trump can often be boorish, non-presidential, egotistical, and has a history of sexual immorality. I know you’ve heard ad nauseum the far left descriptions, adopted by the activist media as gospel, of Trump being a racist Nazi myogynist who is mentally incompetent. If you’re undecided, it means you haven’t completely bought the hyperbole. At this stage of devolution, I don’t know that Trump, or anyone for that matter, can patch the social rent, or even the ailing, COVID-ridden economy. I do know that changing leadership to a party that has adopted a far left agenda that is dividing the country with a narrative that is demonstrably false, and is catalyzing the burning down of the country both literally and figuratively, will only hasten its demise. Changing from a president who has proven track record of energizing the economy to one that will assuredly adopt the failed economic policies of more aggressive and wanton spending and taxing at a time of maximal financial distress is like following lemmings over a cliff.

So I ask you to look closely at what is unfolding, and realize that none of us is immune. I implore you to hold your nose if you must and give the current leadership 4 more years. We may still hemorrhage, with an uncertain prognosis, but it’s better than a head shot, and maybe we’ll buy enough time to locate a tourniquet in the interim.

Or, to buy a gun.


A truly frightened conservative