March 1, 2021

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were ahead of their time. They have successfully leveraged the real systemic racism that plagued the country in the wake of slavery to extort wealth from every corner of the nation. If we still lived in the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s they could rightfully claim they worked in the service of a just cause. But as institutional racism faded from the scene, a new, fictitious racism needed to be ginned up to extort an uninterrupted influx of dollars, and they aggressively sowed the seeds of continued racial division for personal gain. At some point, the Left/socialist movement took notice. When the use of class warfare sputtered as a means of fomenting “fundamental change,” they resorted to intersectionality with an emphasis on race, knowing that residual guilt in a primarily just, non-racist society with dependably recurring exhibitions of individual racism would abet the process. Despite the fact that racial equality and tensions had reached historic lows at the time of Obama’s election in 2000, the Left had an ally in the new president. Had he continued to lead in the manner he’d campaigned on, with unity as the cornerstone, I posit that we’d be the strong, color-blind nation MLK dreamed of, today. However, having been mentored in an environment of extreme Leftism and nation hatred (Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama’s remarks come to mind), at every opportunity Obama chose to pursue a narrative of racial division, laying the groundwork for the new, successful socialist push we see today. Current players like Ibram X. Kendi with the immoral doctrine of anti-racism and Robin DiAngelo with her execrable take on white fragility are stirring the pot. The paradigm Jackson and Sharpton have been using for personal gain has been writ large to serve a greater, more diabolical cause.

It’s still possible that the liberals will eventually find the Leftists’ changes intolerable and revolt with a peaceful return to normalcy. However, this is looking less likely as the Right is being successfully demonized within the liberal community and normalcy characterized as far right extremism and conflated with white supremacism. Recent polls of Democrats have shown a super majority see Trump supporters, white supremacy, and systemic racism as the country’s biggest problems. For the (less than?) half the country that can never see themselves submitting to a fundamentally changed country, the options are limited: a parallel society (including social media, business, entertainment, and financial institutions), a secession of states, or violent civil war. Even peaceful secession would weaken the country and makes us vulnerable to the predations of our enemies, abetted by the policies of appeasement favored by the Biden administration. Violence is, of course, the stuff of nightmares. The first option, the conservative adaptation to a parallel existence, is already underway in its embryonic stages.

Organizations like the NRA that filed for bankruptcy after being denied loans and insurance will eventually find conservative outlets. Conservative sites like the Daily Wire are venturing into the entertainment industry, having produced their first movie as an alternative to Hollywood; a deal has been forged for their next foray with Gina Carano, recently fired from Disney’s The Mandalorian for her political views. While it is difficult to get away from the tech monopolies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, I know people that have switched to apolitical alternatives, such as Proton Mail and the search engine Duckduckgo. Apolitical sites will inevitably become repositories for right-wing thought (Parler’s attempt to function as an open forum to compete with the Left-dominated Twitter was stymied by Amazon but reportedly is returning). Unfortunately, a parallel society will ultimately fracture the nation and weaken us in a way similar to overt civil war, the process being more evolutionary than revolutionary. Our enemies will take advantage of this.

My initial ebullience over the results of the Congressional elections despite a Trump loss that showed a slim, but rational majority still extant in the country was dashed by the subsequent results in Georgia. I’d surmised that the prior election would provide the barometer for the state of the union, but because of the closeness of the contested election results and a presidential election rife with “irregularities,” it will take the upcoming midterm elections to give the final verdict. By that time, more people may see the damage wrought by the Biden administration policies, assuming we can more effectively expose the subterfuge of the lying mainstream media. The absence of a robust turn toward the center (i.e., Republican majorities) will be telling.

Regardless of what happens, with unwavering courage and the belief that, God willing, ultimately good will win out, I cling to the hope that we will restore the country to greatness. I don’t expect the road to be short, or easy.


February 22, 2021

To the young and uninitiated, as well as the older who have not attained wisdom, legislating against “hate speech” is a no-brainer. I used to believe the same even in the pre-indoctrination/3Rs era of education. It’s easy to cite evil doctrines such as Nazism as justification. It takes a lot more work to understand why a free society should give such odious teachings air to breathe. But it must, to remain free.

The belief that permissible viewpoints can be legislated requires that the believer assume that people, the legislators in particular, are inherently wise and good. It ignores a history that demonstrates ad nauseam that people do good and evil, and that the former does not express itself automatically, but requires constant attention. The carnage of even the last century dramatically illustrates this. Those with good intentions that would give the power to government to decide which views are acceptable precisely to avoid repetition of a bloody past, seem unaware that the relinquishing of individual liberty is what leads to the calamity they seek to prevent.

The idea of legislating speech is a difference of opinion lying at the core of the current division between the Right and the Left. A true conservative will defend the Constitution’s guarantees of the right to speech even for the Nazi, to use the most extreme example, to express his views as long as he is not actively promoting violence, while simultaneously opposing the evil with all the resources at his command. A Leftist will argue that speech alone can be “microaggression,” or even violence, and should be banned.

The danger of the Leftist view, of course, is that any viewpoints that are at odds with the beliefs of those in power will be deemed unacceptable and can be designated as hate speech, as conservatives are now experiencing, and the country becomes a dark shadow of the America our Founders had struggled to birth. We are seeing examples of this in real time, the so-called “cancel culture” being the inevitable endpoint of this way of thinking. An illustration of the downstream effects is the anti-racist movement. Ill-intentioned and well-intentioned people alike find themselves supporting overtly, or tacitly by inaction or ignorance, teachings based on the premise that racism directed against whites is acceptable and even desirable. The doctrines have real-world consequences for those they purport to help. For instance, long-standing social problems such as fatherlessness and sub-par educational choices in black communities to go unresolved or are exacerbated by by ill-conceived policies informed by viewing everything through a hyperbolic racial lens to the exclusion of everything else. The existence of inequity, always present in just and unjust societies, is used to conjure up the specter of predominantly racially-motivated inequality, ignoring the evidence demonstrating that past abuses contributed to but have been largely overshadowed by other, eminently correctable, social issues. “Anti-racists” reach back into a troubling past to paint the changed present as unchanged to foment polarization and resentment, the necessary sparks to kindle the flame of “fundamental change.” It’s always the time-worn siren call to the failed paradigm of socialism. “This time it will be different,” we’re told. The process is always the same, the end result always foreseeable, tragic, and confoundingly unavoidable.

I used to believe, like many still do, “it can’t happen here.” But it is, and those outside our borders, especially those that lived or are living through it, see that clearly. My awakening occurred slowly over 10-15 years, with denial evolving to suspicion, and finally acceptance. We don’t have another decade to wake up, as the transition accelerates. A sharp U-turn, a fracture, or a descent into a darkness the well-intentioned don’t wish to face is coming.


February 15, 2021

Our Founding Fathers knew the risks of embarking on the dangerous path for freedom they had chosen. The specters of arrest for sedition and the hangman’s noose were ever present, but these men had reached a point where they felt the pursuit was worth even their lives. Conservatives see we are approaching, at an accelerating pace, a similar historical juncture. The question is whether we still have the same hunger for liberty over life.

Our modern, affluent society is very different from that of the 18th century. Lives then were shorter, harder, and more tenuous, with sickness, death, and advanced levels of poverty posing a day-to-day battle for survival that occupied almost every waking hour. The belief in God was more prevalent and powerful, yet still struggling to overcome the institutionalized inequality contributing mightily to and magnifying the inequity that is a part of just and unjust societies. How much we in the present day take for granted is, well, taken for granted. The question now remains if the half of the country that sees what is happening is willing to make the same sacrifices our forebears did to secure liberty going forward.

Those of us that follow the cultural trends know, often personally or by association, the myriad stories of people who are afraid to voice opinions at odds with the now mainstream Leftist narrative. The firing of The Mandalorian star Gina Carano is just the most recent and prominent example of this. While lives are not yet at stake, there’s ample evidence that grades, jobs and social acceptance are. This has led to silence among much of the rank and file. Not too long ago, callers to conservative radio shows fearing backlash for their views were advised to use their best judgment, or stay quiet until being in a less vulnerable position. Now I’m beginning to see encouragement to speak out, as the realization is surfacing that appeasement, as always, leads to failure. The consequences may be dire; losing one’s job, getting an unfairly low grade, and social isolation from friends and family are not small prices to pay. The alternative, in the long run, is worse: the loss of freedom and the country as we have known it. Do we still have the voracious appetite for liberty and the courage of prior generations to accept the high risk to defend it? I don’t know.

Besides our obvious accommodation to the comforts of a long period of relative peace and affluence, we are dealing with the extensive indoctrination of the young by a socialist ideology through systematic miseducation and the dilution of the electorate with poorly-assimilated immigrants via the route of illegal entry. Many, if not most, of these individuals share, along with our young and other re-indoctrinated Americans, the paucity of understanding of the values that were instrumental in making this country uniquely great. They also have a disproportionate need for welfare assistance. This makes them particularly susceptible to the Democrat Party’s siren-call of (big) government-issued largess, AKA redistribution of assets. This political advantage is being shamelessly exploited in the name of power without concern for the downstream effects. While all good people, right and left, have compassion for those suffering in poverty under corrupt government rule outside our borders, only some recognize that open-door policies are capable of overwhelming our system (a “killing the goose that laid the golden egg” paradigm). This view will be spun as xenophobia but could only be seen as such by those seeking to manipulate, the indoctrinated, and the uninformed. Skilled, ambitious, legal immigrants, regardless of race or origin, have been the backbone of the country’s success. I would argue that recognizing and preserving rather than overwhelming or ignoring the mechanisms that made us successful will go much farther in helping our foreign neighbors in the long run.

Democracy naturally degenerates into socialism over time with the new tyrant being majority rule; hence the Founders’ decision to go with a democratic republic. Despite the checks and balances, we’ve grown government too large, and our leaders are beginning to more openly disregard the Constitutional limitations, seeing them more as obstacles than protections. Now our only hope is the judiciary, which is no longer a guarantor of Constitutional ascendancy with many of its components contaminated by the same social activist Leftist ideology that has infected the other branches.

Whether we’ll make a peaceful return to normalcy, continue to evolve into a socialist and fascistic state, or become two parallel societies that will ultimately fracture the country through evolution or violence, I don’t know. What I do know is that now is the time true patriots need to stand up. Passivity is no longer an option, and will only lead to our transformation from a beacon of liberty to a place that our Founders would not recognize.


February 1, 2021

Over 2,000 years ago, the Bible tells us, the Messiah came. Now we have the coming of the anti-Christ, Senator Beelzebub (traveling under his mortal name, Chuck Schumer). He’s proclaiming that the president must invoke the spell of Climate Emergency, thus giving him the power to make an end run around the Congress and the checks and balances built into the Constitution. Climate Emergency endows Biden, who also has The Phone and The Pen, to legislate from the Oval Office and avoid the messy political process of debate and compromise. Those that oppose must be banished from Congress or impeached.

Beelzebub decrees he will await the findings of a Biden commission tasked with determining the best size for the Supreme Court—his preferences and the outcome a deep, dark mystery like the corridors of Hell (insert eye-rolling emoji here).

Some mortals will beseech the side of the Right for salvation, but it is unlikely their voices will be heard in the darkness. Beelzebub will not be asked to leave Congress for abdicating his oath to support the Constitution of the United States; for spineless Republican mortals are no match for the Devil. The mortals, unable to longer tolerate the bluster of the Trumpeter, made a Devil’s bargain, and now shall reap the spoils of their judgment.

It has begun with the first salvo, the end of the Keystone pipeline with the stroke of The Pen, and thousands of jobs are vanished. The price of oil shall rise and thousands of more shall be struck down. Then the Inflation of the Minimum Wage will smite yet thousands more, to the cackling glee of the all-knowing Beelzebub. The next wave will come via the Darkworld Council, known to mortals as the Paris Accord, from whence regulations will flow like lava, torching the flammable, oil-based industries with tongues of flame. It will not cool the earth, however, for Hell must burn.

Biden the Possessed will abdicate to the middle Earth demon known as K666 (The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken), who will continue to carry out Beelzebub’s will, and give power to the lesser demons, known to mortals as The Squad. The Corporate Demons will compete for power, and with the talisman of $, may prevail.

Mortals, clutch your guns and bibles, those that have them, before Beelzebub comes to claim the former and burn the latter. Because to hide is futile.

Don’t say you’ve not been warned.


January 24, 2021

Finally, now that Trump’s gone, the Congress can get down to business. The long overdue impeachment—second impeachment—of the president—ex-president—is now in process. It’s not like there’s other pressing business right now. Pandemic? Unemployment? Precarious debt burden? These will all still be here. No more can our Congress be labeled as “do-nothing.” Now they are doing something. And they might as well, since we’re still paying them.

Actually, the second impeachment is a great idea. It distracts all these foolish people we’ve, in our foolishness, employed from doing what we’re paying them to do—legislate. A now-deceased friend once told me how our legislators did their best work while on recess, or something to that effect. I thought at the time it was a joke, but now realize it was an observation. And an impeachment is the next best thing. It takes up their time as well as a recess, it accomplishes nothing of value, and, more importantly, it accomplishes nothing of detriment. Because out of any 10 interventions the government makes to “better” our lives, I estimate that 8 of them do the opposite. Of course they won’t impeach Biden (or maybe they will with Kamala as a backstop), but we have to take what we can get.

Now, Ford pardoned Nixon in the name of national unity, and no one impeached or imprisoned Obama (re more journalist sources prosecuted under the 1917 Espionage Act than in all previous administrations combined, the IRS scandal, or Benghazi) and Hillary (Benghazi and server-wiping), in the name of unity. But Pelosi says there can be no unity without pursuing a second impeachment of Trump. So even in the wake of his administration, he continues to support the American people with this imperfect, but welcome recess. Thank you, Donald Trump.

The only bad thing is, once it’s over, they’re going back to work. Perhaps the only thing more dangerous to the country than the current pandemic.


January 24, 2021

To all the liberals out there, the ones I know and love as friends and family, and the nameless majority, you have what you wanted. Trump’s gone. And, as one pundit I follow aptly stated, he “screwed the pooch” at the end. Now there are no more excuses.

While the media tries too hard to claim the sociopolitical seas have been calmed with the exodus of the old administration, the country is being actively transformed. Laws and executive orders are being promised and implemented to deliver justice based on skin color or sexual/gender preference, illegal entry is being supported and normalized, critical race theory and intersectionality are being taught in the schools and corporations and will be coming back to government agencies, social media sites that allow unfettered expression of conservative viewpoints are being canceled, and free speech is being redefined through the filter of “hate speech.” None of this is new, but it is now intensifying, overt, and unapologetic.

I don’t know what you believe, only what the mainstream media sites say you should. So I can only tell you what I, and the conservatives I know, believe. We do believe the current crisis of free speech is real. We are or know people who are afraid to speak their views due to a real fear of losing employment. We do believe individuals should be judged according to the content of their character (the philosophy of MLK), not skin color, gender, or sexual or gender preference. We do believe in equality of opportunity but not mandated equality of outcome. We do believe racism exists and is evil. We do believe the country has a history of systemic racism. We don’t believe in the flawed historical interpretations of the 1619 Project, or that the US remains a systemically racist country (nor do the millions of immigrants of color struggling to join us). We do believe that there are disparate outcomes, and that historical injustice has a lingering contribution that is now far overshadowed by failed government social policies, abetted by an attendant shift in values away from individual achievement toward acceptance of government largess. We believe in the checks and balances instantiated in the Constitution with the intent to limit the size of government that have, sadly, been slowly failing. We believe in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And we believe that rights are God-given.

I don’t know that you, as a liberal, have accepted the now daily mainstream media tirade (supported by numerous prominent Democratic politicians) that all Trump voters are racist, misogynistic imbeciles and have contributed to hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths. Perhaps you’re either uninformed of this or see the purveyors of this inflammatory rhetoric as a fringe phenomenon; I wish that were still the case. Perhaps you’ve heard that Trump voters support the insurrection of the Capitol. This is not true. We condemn the fringe element on the Right that engaged in this egregious act of violence and mainstream Republican leaders have echoed our disapproval in no uncertain terms. I did not hear the same outcry from Democratic leaders with respect to the BLM/Antifa rioters (some politicians went as far as to support bail-outs) which, incidentally we also strongly condemn.

It is no longer possible to view as serious analysis from anyone claiming to be both liberal and informed that our denunciation of infringement of freedom of speech is nothing but right-wing hypersensitivity and confabulation. Or the idea that, at this moment in time, the radical Right is the ascendant threat to the union. We do not expect you to agree with all, or even many, of our policy preferences, but do expect an outcry against the stifling of freedom of speech, as you should expect from us. The alternative (and there are embryonic signs this is already happening) will be two parallel economies, two parallel worlds of social media, and two incompatible cultures with more impervious echo chambers that will fatally fracture the politics that lie downstream. Both conservatives and liberals alike must stand in unity to oppose the more radical factions of our sociopolitical beliefs if the country is to stand. The window for reconciliation is closing. Liberals can no longer be silent, nor can conservatives, even with the risk of harsh economic and social repercussions. We need each other. It is the only clear path between tyranny and chaos.


January 11, 2021

This is my first newsflash from the government-controlled United States of Puro Free Press. Sorry for the late report but communications in and out of here are affected by the prevailing winds. The country at my border is a fascinating exercise in democratic evolution; it used to be a lot like mine but now has little in common but a slowly divergent language.

The top leaders, including the president-elect, having successfully defined their country, in contradistinction to my own, as systemically racist based entirely on the notion of outcome inequity, now in similar fashion openly regard their peace officers as racist. It is currently accepted in the higher echelons of power that the police would have acted more brutishly if the insurrectionists/rioters at the Capitol weren’t white, the deaths of several rioters and a policeman (evidently racist) notwithstanding. Both sides roundly and quickly condemned the riot/insurrection, but this is not deemed relevant, any more than both sides condemning the rogue behavior of an individual cop in the George Floyd incident. Nor is the fact that Democrat leaders turned a blind eye to or supported the BLM rioters for weeks to months during the mostly peaceful protests. This was way back in the Time of Trump.

In the new, more progressive US of A, where non-Left speech is microaggression or hate speech and hate speech is violence, corporations can now have their open censorship of noncomplying free speech sanctioned as the only acceptable social behavior. It’s fair to suppress Trump’s speeches on Facebook, ban conservatives (especially Trump) from Twitter, and push impeachment redux. It’s nothing less than a social imperative for Google, Apple and Amazon to cancel the Parler app, where disenfranchised Trump voters fled to escape cancellation. After all, their words and beliefs threaten to undermine democracy; the assault on the Capitol proves this, the rapid and vociferous censure of the riot by the Right notwithstanding. US of A citizens are expected to be more progressive, since any good during the last 4 years is tainted by Trump and must be disregarded and obscured. Biden-Harris has made it clear that national unity is now a priority, as long as it is under the banner of progressivism.

While those of us in the US of P think the words of the new leaders and the actions of the big tech companies are far more dangerous and deserve at least as much attention than the actions of a the contingent of misguided radicals, clearly the majority of our neighbors, the American voters, disagree. In the US of P the irony of the characterization of the outgoing leader as a corrupt liar while a blackout on the disturbing evidence of the president-elect’s compromised state with respect to China is not lost. Be assured, these concerns will be addressed by our ambassador at a future date (when we have an ambassador and a reliable means of communication, as I’m planning to close my Twitter account and there’s no guarantee I can engage on Parler, that reputed hotbed of conspiracy theorists).

Until such time as the serious dissension on our border is alleviated, I’ve decreed that we should erect a wall. Unfortunately, my HOA rules don’t allow it. If necessary, I can be reached by carrier pigeon.

P.S.: Please include #birdpoop in the footer on any communications for security purposes, as my sources tell me I’m being monitored by Russian agents and Google.


January 6, 2021

Well, it’s come to pass. The day started badly with the Republicans’ apparent extraordinary loss of the Senate with the addition of two far-left entries to the ruling class. Then, to make matters worse, idiotic right-wing rioters (not due to make an appearance for weeks to months by my flawed prediction) gave the Left the ammunition it needed to label all Republicans/Trump supporters/conservatives as alt-right supporters of violence and a threat to democracy. Not that they haven’t been doing it already, just that they now have a real-world event to support their straw man stereotype. And they’re now in power. The last, unstable thread holding the nation together ironically may be Democrat Joe Manchin, who has committed himself to defending the filibuster and preventing court-packing. Otherwise we can expect two new blue states and 15 Supreme Court justices.

I’ve reached the conclusion there’s only one way out of this mess: I’m hereby ratifying the establishment of the United States of Puro. Since it doesn’t make sense to re-invent the wheel, I’m going to adopt the Constitution of the former United States of America, but institute a few changes.

  • In my country, installing anti-white racism as a cure for perceived or real anti-black racism is illegal.
  • Employing citizens in the government or private sector based on skin color, ethnicity, or sexual preference rather than competence is illegal.
  • Using the term equity in place of equality of opportunity or employing policies that promote equity at the expense of equal opportunity is illegal. Furthermore, all equity positions will be investigated to assure that public or private corruption is not at play.
  • Government subsidies are illegal.
  • Government bribery is illegal.
  • Terms of office exceeding three are illegal.
  • Legislation longer than 10 pages and that cannot be understood by someone with a 10th grade education or that contains items unrelated to the bill’s purpose is illegal.
  • Insider trading by public or private officials is illegal.
  • Programs that purport to combat prejudice by providing unearned advantages while implying that the recipients are incapable or inferior are illegal.
  • Laws that abrogate the right to own weapons of self defense are illegal.
  • Suspension of the right of free speech in the public or private domain, regardless of content, is illegal, if no call to violence is expressed.
  • The terms “microaggression” and “hate speech is violence” are illegal.
  • The term “diversity” can only be used in the context of ideas; it is otherwise illegal.

The boundaries of the United States of Puro at present only extend to the borders of my property. In the event of invasion, expect bodily injury. However, competent workers of any color, ethnicity or sexual preference are welcome here. If you wish to apply for citizenship, sorry, but our borders are currently closed. However, if you wish to open a country of your own, I’m open to free trade.

I’m signing off now to compose my national anthem. God bless.


December 20, 2020

If nothing else, the current election fraud debacle has highlighted the risks and dangers of succumbing to ideology. And none of us is immune.

We know that widespread early mail-in voting, easier to manipulate, was used for the first time with the easily disprovable argument promulgated by the Left that it was required due to the pandemic. We know that observers in swing states were blocked from observing, that dead people voted, postmarks were ignored, specious addresses were used, and that signatures were not always checked. We know that some precincts allowed ballots to be “cured” while others were not. We’ve been told of middle-of-the night vote dumps in Biden’s favor that occurred outside the realm of statistical probability, and that video evidence supports this. There is conjecture that the voting machines and software used in critical precincts were flawed and easily manipulated. We’ve been told that the judiciary has been unwilling to examine the evidence, with the credible example of at least one instance of a PA state court ruling that operating outside established election law is permissible. There is no question that irregularities and fraud occurred (despite the Left’s claims of a “perfect” election that would clearly have been riddled with corruption had their candidate lost); the question is the extent. And we’ve been assured that the unproved (and possibly unprovable) malfeasance involves at least hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of votes, enough to upend the results. Nothing of substance, to date, has been proved in court.

In light of the apparent dense smoke of circumstantial evidence in search of fire, and my firm belief that Trump did an amazing job policy-wise (but uneven politically), and the knowledge that Biden is more of an anti-Trump placeholder than a real candidate for the Democrats, I’ve found myself willing to accept the notion of a “stolen” election. After all, it seems improbable that this figurehead who couldn’t attract more than a few dozen supporters at a rally would garner the most votes in history, even more than the venerated Obama. Or, alternatively, I’m becoming the deluded ideologue I’ve labeled the Left.

For 4 years the Left and its servants, the mainstream and social media, have caricaturized and demonized the president, ignored and hidden his accomplishments, exaggerated his evident flaws, and manufactured elaborate hoaxes such as a Russian collusion investigation and as impeachment trial. While right-wing sources demonstrate bias, the ones on the Left have become so contaminated that they’re useless sources of information, with the wheat being buried so completely in the partisan chaff (or absent entirely). The final preelection evidence for this was the absent coverage of the Hunter Biden/Biden family corruption. Not only was an FBI investigation of Hunter hidden for 2 years (in a system that leaked like a sieve when it came to Trump), polls showed a depressing minority of Biden voters were aware of this reported faux “Russian disinformation” and enough admitted they might have changed their votes that the election would have gone to Trump. In light of this, it’s easy for conservatives to believe the believable but unproved allegations about a stolen election, since the opposing “information” sites have a strong track record of unreliability. Nevertheless, belief does not equal reality. As left-wing ideology becomes more prevalent and powerful there is an inevitable, necessary, and appropriate right-wing backlash, but no guarantees it won’t overreact. And it’s easy to be manipulated by either side. For example, here’s a reasonable argument of how statistical improbability as a defense of a stolen election may be flawed. Adding to this, for me, that at least two respected, reliable sources of balanced right-wing commentary I’ve followed refuse to accept the idea of sufficient fraud and/or irregularities to reverse the election without proof, and my personal ideological programming alarms go off.

Ultimately, these are issues we all have to sort out for ourselves. Part of me believes we conservatives should choose not to waste our time and effort with cries of election illegitimacy and instead focus n fighting against the policies and values of the Left, with better than even odds of reclaiming within a few years not only the White House, but the Congress. The other part cries out for no capitulation lest we lose forever the ability to believe in in the sanctity of future elections, for with even the widespread perception of doubt, the country cannot stand.


December 14, 2020

You’re probably all aware of the flack Time Magazine received from both sides for selecting Biden/Harris as “Person of the Year.” Most of the critiques I’ve read declared front-line medical professionals and the scientists who developed the vaccines in record time as the most deserving of the title. To that I have one word: AMEN!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do have a dog in this fight. My older daughter is currently working as a hospitalist, which places her in the line of fire. It’s also fair to give some perspective—most of the healthcare providers are young and healthy enough that contracting COVID-19, while unpleasant, will neither kill them nor result in lasting injury. That being said, it takes a quiet, understated courage to report to the front lines every day knowing this potentially serious, invisible, predatory miasma surrounds you, hoping to take you down. Those who haven’t faced this, can only imagine this additional weight on an already high-stress job, where working mainly with the sickest of those afflicted reinforces the psychological dread, and the reality of lives lost is manifest daily, rather than just as an intellectual exercise of mere words or statistics. Add to this the physical discomfort: Those of you who have worn a fitted N-95 mask for as little as an hour, much less an extended workday, can barely imagine the toll on these dedicated professionals. And my daughter never fails to remind me that the nurses have it the worst—they’re the ones in closest proximity to the patients continually throughout the day.

As for the developers of the vaccines, while they might not be on the front lines in the same way, their expertise, long hours, and dedication has enable them to leverage their skills to save millions of lives. And a shout-out should be made to the policies that permitted Operation Warp Speed to achieve its goal.

The practice of medicine has always been a battlefield of sorts. Although healthcare professionals have been deemed “heroes” in many venues at many time, the battle against mortality until now has only infrequently involved substantial person risk to the caregiver of injury or death. That’s no longer true. Heroes they are and will remain in the annals of history and in our hearts.