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October 25, 2020

I am at the center politically, philosophically, and ideologically. Or was. Or will be. Because it manifests as a moving target, constantly defined and redefined. The far Left views me as far Right, or alt-Right (or worse). The far Right views me as not Right enough. The further you get from the center, the more it sits on the horizon. So, what defines the Center?

Throughout history, even prehistory, there have been the dueling concepts of order and chaos. They have been represented in many ways. Perhaps one of the most familiar is the Taoist yin and yang, the symbol being two serpents, head to tail.

I thank one of the great probing minds of our generation, the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, for reminding us that the goal is to traverse the narrow road between the two, because one side leads to anarchy, and the other to tyranny. That narrow path is the Center.

If the Center were easy to find and negotiate, there would be no Left or Right, no tyranny or anarchy. The primary tool for balancing on this tightrope is the yardstick of Truth. But finding truth isn’t always an easy task, either. So having a Right and a Left is important, each to keep the other in check, and to keep us centered.

No one side is the repository for truth. At different times and in different places, those on the Left and on the Right have sought to lure the unsuspecting to its side with “truth.” It isn’t until anarchy or tyranny is the end result that the illusion of this false truth is exposed, and the road back to the Center, if it can be found at all, usually takes generations. The most prominent but not the only examples in our time of tyranny on the Left are the Soviet Union and China. The most prominent on the Right were Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Recent references I’ve received from a local professor attest to new tyranny on the Right developing in Hungary and Poland (although, as per my last rant, the Leftist analysts use this for rather perverse assessments of the current situation in America). Examples of anarchy on the Left can be found in the French Revolution, and the Communist Revolution prior to the consolidation of power.

Today, here in the US, we’re entering a period of anarchy on the Left which, if not checked, will lurch into Leftist fascism and attendant tyranny. The signs are everywhere. The manifest racism of the Left is being defined as anti-racism, divisive doctrines of intersectionality are being defined as tolerance, and supporting criminal over lawful behavior in the name of social “justice” is now becoming mainstream. To maintain this, there is selective reporting and suppression of events and dispensing outright lies as truths. It’s not that unchecked Rightism can’t go from order to tyranny (the Handmaid’s Tale paradigm) or degenerate from it’s own seeds of corruption (it clearly can), it’s simply that that’s not where we are at this time and this place, where the abundance (not the totality) of truth currently has found a home on the Right.

The checks and balances instantiated in our Constitution to keep us moving forward between the yin and the yang will not be supported by a Biden administration. And in fours more years of a Trump administration, I assure you, there will be no roving bands of breeding handmaids.


October 1, 2019

The upcoming presidential election is the most consequential for our country since Lincoln, or possibly in its history. It will determine its ability to survive.

Many on the left (note the small “L,” as a friend who I consider a liberal and not a Leftist subscribes to this view) have bought the persistent drum-beat of the mainstream “news” and social media sources they believe the country cannot survive four more years of a Trump presidency. They may be right, but it will have little to do with Trump’s proficiency as a leader; it will likely be due to violence in the wake of his reelection, possibly on a national scale, (hang on to your guns and bibles), or economic downturn that is the spawu of both parties from decades of fiscal neglect.

The Left has highjacked the Democrat party. Never have I seen, nor would I have predicted, a show of bonafied presidential candidates from a non-fringe American party standing on a national debate stage and promoting such foolish, uninformed policies in lock-step. It be renamed the Presidential Pandering Forum. The tenets of the “debates” can simply be boiled down to “free” tuition and healthcare for all (citizen or no) and open borders. Of course, the underlying engine for this is to soak the very rich (who are not paying “their fair share”). If you’ve taped the debates, I’ve just given you back several precious hours of your life, although you might still choose to be entertained by the occasional sniping. {For full disclosure, I only exposed myself to snippets of the purported debates on orders from my personal physician … me.)

So, in view of the new radicalism at the top of the Democrat food chain, is there a silent majority out there waiting to bare its fangs? Some say yes, but let’s examine the evidence for and against.


Powerful conservative voices like Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Dennis Prager, the venerable Rush Limbaugh, and Jordan Peterson (actually, only interpreted by some as political), to name a few, are growing a following. There are untold numbers of people actively “walking away” from the Democrat party. However, we don’t really know how large a defection this represents, especially in view of the strong, persistent anti-Trump rhetoric.

Trump’s rallies attract large followings, uncontained even by the big venues he employs. The other candidates get dregs, by comparison. However, it must be recognized that their turn-out is diluted by the large number of presidential hopefuls.

Polls show that the majority of Americans do not favor radical ideas such as open borders. However, the power of rational policy-driven thought against the strident and hyperbolic anti-Trump movement remains unclear.


The mainstream media (with the exception of Fox, if you consider it mainstream, and a few small outlets), are virtually all on the Left, or at best left-leaning. There are data (see here and here for examples} supporting this. One need only to watch a previously somewhat left-of-center network such as CNN for five minutes to see how far left they now tack. Social media sites that are supposed to be neutral platforms, among them Google, Facebook and Twitter, and are granted libel immunities on that basis, are universally commandeered by left-leaning hierachies and populated by left-leaning and often Leftist employees. The number of instances of tweaking algorithms to steer viewers away from right-leaning sites and demonetizing conservative speech as “hate speech” are legion, relative to more egregious “violations” on the left (see here and here for just a couple of examples). That being said, there is still a wealth of conservative thought out there for those foraging for it, as the working links in this rant illustrate.

The Left has commandeered the education system from grade school on up, to assure a steady supply of liberal and Leftist voters in the future. Now, you can even expect drag queens to engage children in libraries in various places throughout the nation. Many campuses now have “safe spaces” and conservative speakers such as Ben Shapiro need tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of security to speak there.

The Left has converted many of the leaders of the Democrat party to overt open border supporters. The unwillingness to spend relatively small amounts of money for a border barrier, provide humanitarian aid money (eventually grudgingly dispensed) to perpetuate the narrative of “Nazis” in power, or to support our existing immigration laws, as well as the constant conflation of legal and illegal immigration, is a transparent power grab. With escalating promises of “free” services, including healthcare and tuition, they encourage illegal entry with the assurance that these future voters will support the Democrat party. The resistance to even simple voter vetting (“it’s racist”) while supplying driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants supports voter fraud (while claiming those that want reasonable identity checks are attempting to “suppress the vote”).

The Left has demonized the president in a manner that’s unprecedented. When you promote progressive policies that are difficult to support, ad hominem attacks are the typical fallback weapon. The more untenable the policies, the more vicious these attacks become. While Trump in many ways is an easy target (and not the most moral man, but sadly a paragon of virtue compared with the likes of John Kennedy, his brother Ted, and Bill Clinton, to name a very few) with his brazen and often childish tweets. Every success is either vilified, ignored or ascribed to some other unlikely source (examples: the economy, attempts at righting the trade disparities and China’s malfeasance, and opposing Iran and Russia), while manufactured transgressions such as “Russian collusion” and “obstruction” are promulgated ad nauseum and elevated to the level of impeachable offenses. It’s becoming increasingly apparent the latest ploy, impeachment, is woven from the same moth-ridden cloth. This, in spite of the increasing evidence that the true transgressions occurred in the Democrat camp, but that’s beyond the scope of this rant.

Corporations, many headed by Leftists, respond to the siren call of the Left (the more recent of many examples being Nike’s recall of its shoe with the Betsy Ross American flag at the behest of Colin Kaepernick). In several cases, after an initial drop in stock price, the companies saw a net rise. This could be a disturbing barometer of the net ideological vector of the country.

How these opposing factors will shake out is anyone’s guess, and polls have proven particularly unreliable in the Trump era. Further confounding the issue in my mind is a remark by a left-of-center friend: He described the country as “right-leaning,” implying that the loud megaphone of the Left and the clear social change this has implemented (I don’t think many of us would have envisioned “gender-neutral” bathrooms with half-man/half-women icons ten years ago) is illusory, in his view.

For better or worse, the answer is coming in November 2020.


October 15, 2018

If you watch Hulu, or even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard about their original series, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a dystopian drama about what I imagine is the Left’s vision of right-wing values carried to their logical extreme. For those unfamiliar, it’s a story centered around the main character’s struggle in a U.S. city post Crisis/Apocalypse based on a fascistic interpretation of Scripture. The secondary premise is that the vast majority of women have been rendered infertile (by a virus?) and the prime directive is to preserve the human race through enforced and highly protected procreation via the remaining fertile women. The city is run by totalitarian pseudo-religious Commanders in crisp black suits governing a cadre of red-garbed and 17th-century-hatted Handmaids subjected to ritual rape by the Commanders, to claim the babies for their blue-garbed wives. Law enforcement is maintained by public hangings and mutilation. Black-uniformed assault weapon-wielding military types are everywhere and the closest bastion of freedom lies north in, you guessed it, Canada. I’m barely touching on the brutality of the society, but you get the idea.

The series is well-written, well-acted, and expertly produced. If it weren’t for the fact that it represents a not-so-subtle tribute to Leftist foolishness, I’d have nothing bad to say about it (other than, at times, it can get a tad tedious and heavy-handed on the message side, to the detriment of plot pacing).

So now it’s time for a series characterizing the logical extension of the Left’s beliefs, right? Don’t hold your breath.

First of all, unless you’ve been hiding in a closet, the vast majority of the powers-that-be in Tinsel town are not just liberal, but full-blown leftist. Creating the mirror opposite (in truth, both sides end in fascism) of this series would be as unnatural to them as a fish walking down Hollywood Boulevard. But more importantly, there’s no need—we’ve seen their beliefs play out in real life every day: the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, the slow, steady corrosion of life in Cuba, and the dramatic fall from freedom and economic grace of Venezuela, to name just a few.

In truth, the next series, “The Left Turn into Hell,” may come, but it will be a documentary.