OK, it’s been a bad couple of weeks. President Obama never invited me to a beer summit. Worse, he invited a bunch of other docs I don’t even know and GAVE THEM FREE WHITE COATS! I couldn’t help but wonder if I paid for them. 

Anyway, then Glenn Beck had a segment on health care and invited a few dozen doctors and medical students, but not me. They had to bring their own white coats, though. Most of the medical students and a few of the doctors thought ObamaCare is a good idea. Many of the doctors thought the health care crisis could be averted with just tort reform and fixing the insurance mess. I don’t think they read my blog. But I sent an email to Glenn and I’m certain he’s reading it as I write. 

On the home front, in the lunch room I expostulated on my recommendations for limiting health care expenses for the felons and an oncologist flatly stated “I disagree.” I then re-expostulated to one of my associates and he proceeded to give me all the reasons it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done. 

If I’m going to fix this mess, people, I’m going to need a little support.


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