A syndicated article appeared in our local paper by Dave Helling about the money being tossed about by the health care groups to influence Washington. He reports that more than a quarter of a billion dollars was spent to hire lobbyists, not inclusive of the health insurance groups or spending in July, August or September. Another $485 million was spent last year. In addition, “political parties, industry and trade associations, labor unions and grassroots group and others” are doling out the loot, possibly as much as $1 billion. “[Missouri Democrat] U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver … said lobbyists were so thick it was hard to walk across the street from his office to the Capitol to cast a vote. ‘I’ve never seen anything like this I 30 years in politics.’” 

Does anyone believe the new, improved thousand-plus page monstrosity that will grow out of this will solve the health care problem? 

The only defense we have against this is our collective voice and our vote. The vote will come after the fact, assuming we stay informed and use it. Our voice is being raised now, but I’m not sure it can pierce the soundproofing that seems to be imbedded in the traffic lanes of the Washington Beltway. 

It’s a good thing they know what’s best for us.


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