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September 1, 2020

The results of the election are already in: they’re invalid.

If you’re paying attention to the talking heads out there, the political field is already being sown with the seeds for a disputed election. The clues are not subtle. Hillary has already made a public statement to the effect that Biden should not concede if the election is close. The Left is claiming Trump’s unwillingness to fund the US Postal Service deficit as voter suppression and disenfranchisement, despite the service’s adequate funding into next year and a multitude of reasonable explanations for not wanting to underwrite a failing enterprise with more taxpayer dollars. All of this presupposes that universal mail-in voting is a good thing, and ignores the evidence to the contrary.

A superficial case can be made for mail-in voting in a time of pandemic. However, the argument falls short when experts such as Birx and Fauci (even despite “expert” fallibilities) rightly point out that if we can go out to buy groceries, we can safely figure out a way to socially distance and vote. The weakness of the opposing argument is further underscored by the absent condemnation by the Left of mass gatherings when implemented for the purpose of protesting for social justice causes. Absentee balloting remains a viable option for those at highest risk from COVID-19, but is distinctly different from universal mail-in voting, which magnifies the risk of fraud tremendously.

The Left has maintained that the evidence for voter fraud is lacking. This is untrue. Even recently, the trial balloon of a New Jersey primary election with mail-in voting required a redo. You can only imagine the potential disaster on a national scale. And vote harvesting, recently legalized here in California, will only magnify the problem. Neither side can be trusted to make arguments based on “principle.” Time and again, the striking inconsistencies in the application of values have demonstrated that political expediency and power come first, and adapting the principles to match is the means to the ends And the political parties aren’t the only threat to the integrity of our election in a digital era susceptible to outside influences.

Whatever your political beliefs (and you know mine), it is in the best interest of both sides to have honest and transparent elections. The move on both sides to preemptively delegitimize the election belies a concern that the results are not in the bag. Barring a blow-out by either side (and possibly despite one), we can expect a contested election. The military has already weighed in that they will not intervene in a disputed election. Will Nancy Pelosi be interim Commander-in-Chief?

In any case, don’t expect the day after the election to be an antidote to our ongoing chaos.