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January 11, 2021

This is my first newsflash from the government-controlled United States of Puro Free Press. Sorry for the late report but communications in and out of here are affected by the prevailing winds. The country at my border is a fascinating exercise in democratic evolution; it used to be a lot like mine but now has little in common but a slowly divergent language.

The top leaders, including the president-elect, having successfully defined their country, in contradistinction to my own, as systemically racist based entirely on the notion of outcome inequity, now in similar fashion openly regard their peace officers as racist. It is currently accepted in the higher echelons of power that the police would have acted more brutishly if the insurrectionists/rioters at the Capitol weren’t white, the deaths of several rioters and a policeman (evidently racist) notwithstanding. Both sides roundly and quickly condemned the riot/insurrection, but this is not deemed relevant, any more than both sides condemning the rogue behavior of an individual cop in the George Floyd incident. Nor is the fact that Democrat leaders turned a blind eye to or supported the BLM rioters for weeks to months during the mostly peaceful protests. This was way back in the Time of Trump.

In the new, more progressive US of A, where non-Left speech is microaggression or hate speech and hate speech is violence, corporations can now have their open censorship of noncomplying free speech sanctioned as the only acceptable social behavior. It’s fair to suppress Trump’s speeches on Facebook, ban conservatives (especially Trump) from Twitter, and push impeachment redux. It’s nothing less than a social imperative for Google, Apple and Amazon to cancel the Parler app, where disenfranchised Trump voters fled to escape cancellation. After all, their words and beliefs threaten to undermine democracy; the assault on the Capitol proves this, the rapid and vociferous censure of the riot by the Right notwithstanding. US of A citizens are expected to be more progressive, since any good during the last 4 years is tainted by Trump and must be disregarded and obscured. Biden-Harris has made it clear that national unity is now a priority, as long as it is under the banner of progressivism.

While those of us in the US of P think the words of the new leaders and the actions of the big tech companies are far more dangerous and deserve at least as much attention than the actions of a the contingent of misguided radicals, clearly the majority of our neighbors, the American voters, disagree. In the US of P the irony of the characterization of the outgoing leader as a corrupt liar while a blackout on the disturbing evidence of the president-elect’s compromised state with respect to China is not lost. Be assured, these concerns will be addressed by our ambassador at a future date (when we have an ambassador and a reliable means of communication, as I’m planning to close my Twitter account and there’s no guarantee I can engage on Parler, that reputed hotbed of conspiracy theorists).

Until such time as the serious dissension on our border is alleviated, I’ve decreed that we should erect a wall. Unfortunately, my HOA rules don’t allow it. If necessary, I can be reached by carrier pigeon.

P.S.: Please include #birdpoop in the footer on any communications for security purposes, as my sources tell me I’m being monitored by Russian agents and Google.


June 7, 2020

Some of the most disturbing images to me were of citizens and police taking the knee before black activists. It’s pernicious, racist and destructive.

Fear of being labeled racist is understandable; anyone actively discriminating against or mistreating another based on skin color is committing an abhorrent sin. Using the threat of labeling someone who isn’t racist as such, to serve an agenda, is equally reprehensible, and immoral. But it has now become a standard political ploy. It’s so pervasive that it has cheapened the term and confounds our ability to root it out like the parable of the boy who cried, “Wolf!”. And giving in to this is appeasement.

You’d think historical precedent would have taught us. Pre-WW II, Neville Chamberlain (and he was not alone) became notorious for his feckless attempts at appeasing Hitler. Despite the disastrous results, the tactic of appeasement in the face of authoritarianism continues unabated. While Ronald Reagan remained steadfast against the naysayers in his opposition to communist totalitarianism, abetting the collapse of the Soviet Union, Obama chose an appeasement approach with Iran, providing payments that not only allowed them to continue disbursing funds to terrorist factions but likely staved off a similar economic collapse of the dictatorial, oppressive government. To view taking the knee as other than another example of appeasement of an authoritarian demand, two things have to be true: The first is that we are still the systemically racist nation the activists claim. To date I’ve seen little if any proof to support this assertion, and studies and statistics belie it; always cited as proof is our undeniably problematic past history with respect to our black citizens (a portion of which I’m old enough to have seen), which everyone (except small, evil fringe groups) agrees was unsupportable and immoral. Sporadic events of bad cops harming black individuals (some with a racial motive, but all attributed to racism in the current climate) will continue and should be vigorously prosecuted and the perpetrators punished, as in the current instance. These despicable events, when a racial motive is proved, such as with the sad recent case of Ahmaud Arbery, show that racism is alive and well, but they do not prove the persistence of systemic racism any more than do other pieces of heartstrings-tugging anecdotal “evidence.” It seems like just yesterday the “efficacy” of hydroxychloroquine against COVID was erroneously reported in the same manner. The second necessary component to support taking the knee is that all the people kneeling are knowingly or unknowingly racist and are or have been engaged in an ongoing effort to subjugate black people on the basis of their skin color (the “white privilege” argument). I reject both of these premises. And to assume that not obeying or remaining silent is a show of tacit approval of racism and police brutality, rather than a rejection of the above premises, is also wrong and immoral.

It takes courage to face the wrath of those voices, previously only associated with the far Left, willing to label you as racist for failing to cow-tow to their beliefs. Even many of the large corporations have caved; I just got an email from Walmart lamenting George Floyd’s death. While I share their despair, I object to the vague “push for change” the urge to build “a more inclusive society,” echoing the narrative of institutional racism eating at our core without citing specific policies that support the claim. To me, it rings hollow, like a mea culpa to sic the dogs of the Left on anyone but themselves. While taking the knee may, in the short term, tranquilize the beast, like the high of a short-acting opiate, it never lasts. The race baiters engaging in this despicable power-seeking behavior will be emboldened (as positive reinforcement is wont to do) and the demands will intensify. Unfortunately, not just the words, but the actions, up to and including violence, will also intensify. And my fear is that this will elicit a backlash that can be exploited as proof of further racism, especially if some or all of the violence comes from true, fringe racist/white supremacist groups, further aiding the activists’ push against all who dare defy the narrative. Such a positive feedback loop can rapidly destroy a country. So, if you genuinely believe you are racist and need to atone for your personal transgressions, far be it from me to tell you not to apologize in any way you deem appropriate. Feel free to protest police brutality (I’m with you, it’s bad), murder, or rape, or the many other human depravities we’re prone to, although I don’t know how demonstrating against things we all know are bad without citing specific policies that we need to change does anything other than proclaim our virtue, our membership in the “club,” or serve to support misguided, false, and destructive message.

Otherwise, stay on you feet and fight—for freedom, unity and everyone’s rights, regardless of skin color.


June 4, 2020

Note: No businesses were destroyed or persons maimed or killed in the creation of this protest.

I grieve:

  • George Floyd, 46, Minneapolis, MN, dead from police brutality
  • Shay Mikalonis, 29, police officer, Las Vegas, critically wounded
  • David Dorn 77, retired St. Lous police captain and police chief of Moline Acres, MO killed trying to stop pawn shop looting
  • David McAtee, 53, restaurant owner, Louisville
  • Dave Patrick Underwood, 53, federal law enforcement officer, Oakland, CA
  • Chris Beaty, 38, Indianapolis, IN
  • Italia Kelly, 22, Davenport, IA
  • Calvin L. Horton, Jr., 43, Minneapolis, MN
  • Javar Harrell, 21, shot in car, Detroit, MI
  • How few of us will remember any of the names of the above (ironically, many of them black), except for George Floyd
  • The many unnamed police officers and other innocents injured in multiple locations throughout the US
  • The burned and vandalized workplaces of the hard-working business owners of all colors
  • The unsupported contention of a systemically racist country belied by a people willing to place a black man in the White House and who overwhelmingly condemn the loss of George Floyd to police brutality, and by the vigorous pursuit of justice against the perpetrator and against his passive accomplices
  • The loss of a citizenry united in a belief of the principles that have enabled us to become the greatest country in the history of the world via the dissemination of false narratives that denigrate our achievements, exaggerate our flaws, and threaten our survival as a nation; a nation that has demonstrably overcome, even within my lifetime, most of the institutionalized racism and misogyny of years past
  • Protests triggered by these false narratives that divide us and provide cover for the violence
  • Grandstanding politicians without the guts to stand up to violence

I applaud:

  • The brother of George Floyd for telling the world, this is not the way he would want his death memorialized


May 31, 2020

We’re in the midst of a deadly pandemic the likes of which hasn’t been seen for more than a century and we’ve chosen to cut off our toes while we’re still crawling. It’s infuriating.

The headline now overtaking COVID is metastasizing destruction of our own making at the hands of rioters. And it’s all so maddeningly unnecessary. As I’ve previously written, only a fringe element of our society would support the actions of the police officer who brutalized George Floyd or the colleagues who stood by and allowed it to happen. Yet multitudes of good people are out there protesting—what, the police?—and unwittingly serving as cover for gangs of criminals to loot and pillage and increase the misery of our already beleaguered brothers and sisters. If you believe the country is the same as it was two or three hundred years ago, or even 50, show me the evidence and I’ll stand by you. I’m already shoulder-to-shoulder with you against any and all episodes of racial injustice perpetrated by sick, immoral individuals. But until I see proof that our law enforcement is systematically targeting minorities as policy, I see the protests as nothing more than fallout from a successful power play, a political ploy to bolster a narrative of extreme, institutional racism akin to past misconduct and fan the flames of anger and promote violent change. And most of the violence is being committed by opportunist criminals who care nothing about moral values.

People need to wake up and not allow themselves to be led down the garden path of this mine-laden narrative that can only divide us and end in destruction. Instead of protesting, get on line and research. Look at the statistics. If, afterward, you’re still convinced that systemic racism is a major threat in our nation, by all means go out and protest. The very people you protest, given enough push-back, will eventually withdraw, and leave you to deal with the looters. If, however, you agree that racism is sporadic and episodic, that we’re all trying out best to stamp it out, including our cops, go home. Don’t continue to support an environment that permits the scum of the earth to destroy and to increase our misery. Don’t be an unwitting accomplice, a “useful idiot.”


May 30, 2020

Another riot, now in Minneapolis, starkly highlights the racism rearing its ugly head in America. And it’s not coming from where you’ve been told.

For those of you who’ve been hibernating, parts of Minneapolis have been looted and gone up in flames on the heels of an ugly incident where a cop placed a knee on a man’s neck for four minutes despite pleas of being unable to breathe, while his colleagues stood around and did nothing. Tragically, he subsequently died. Likely this would have been given small if any national notice (as the extent of the reportage of the infrequent prior incidents of police brutality proves) except for one thing: the deceased, George Floyd, was black, and the knee on the neck was white. Yes, an ugly picture and even uglier metaphor, considering our past. The reaction of the Minneapolis police was to make excuses and provide cover for one of their own; after all, it was only a black man. Right? No. They fired all the cops involved in the incident and began an investigation, with charges just filed and the primary offender jailed. The country rallied around the beleaguered cops, outraged that they were fired doing their jobs; after all, it was just a black man, right? No, there was universal outrage at the police brutality and general unanimity that the firings were just and the full force of the law should come down on their necks.

The left-wing mainstream media and the Twitterheads, as usual, immediately imputed racial motives to the brutality. The proof? Well, anyone can see that the perpetrator was white and the victim was black. In the aftermath, legitimate protests morphed into an excuse for many individuals to engage in riots, with vandalism and looting of a Target store and the burning of an auto parts store. The apologists and virtue-signalers, as usual, focused on the righteous anger fueling the riots. Ice Cube posted a picture of the knee on the neck side by side with a picture of a man in a red had proclaiming “Make Whites Great Again.” The two men were unrelated. Ice Cube’s message? “The demons are among us.” LeBron James posted a similar picture of the cop and now-deceased victim beside a shot of Colin Kaepernick kneeling with the caption, “This…is why.” The message is clear: The police brutality was a byproduct of racism, cops and all of law enforcement are racist, and it’s a reflection of the general state of the entire country, unchanged from prior decades, and even since the nation’s founding. The only problem with this conclusion is that it is not just wrong, it’s immoral.

There is as of yet no hard data to suggest this policeman’s actions and his colleague’s inaction were racially motivated. While racism has not been excluded in this case, which would make it even more hideous, it is nothing but conjecture at this time. And while individual incidents of racism persist, even among law enforcement, there’s no data to suggest that the police are systematically targeting black people relative to the percentage of crimes perpetrated by black individuals. A study in July 2019 from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science purported to show that white police were not more likely to shoot black perpetrators. Interestingly, and apropos to the subject of this rant, if you attempt to search for the study in Bing (the default search engine for the Windows 10 browser, Edge, the first two listings are articles debunking the conclusion. With Google, the article is listed first, but when accessed, has links to letters and “corrections” at the head of the study. I leave it to you to decide whether this is simply good “journalism” (note: these are platforms, not news sites) or a reflection of political bias and a threatened narrative. Another study by Roland Fryer out of Harvard showing no evidence of racial bias in police shootings was posted appropriately in both search engines, followed by articles also claiming to debunk the conclusion (the Times article seems to imply it proved the opposite). Since all good people, and that’s almost all of us, believe that the current incident of police brutality was unjustified, the death horrific and inexcusable, and the perpetrator deserving of swift and appropriate justice, impugning the opposite is not just wrong—accusing large numbers of innocent people, cops or lay citizens, of the sin of bigotry, is immoral.

So why maintain the fiction? One word—power. If you can convince enough people, especially in the black community, that not only are they being victimized by your opponents, but they’re in grave danger every time they leave their homes, and only you can protect them, you create an invincible voting bloc. And the voting history of the black community shows they’ve been wildly successful: In the 2018 national House vote 90% of blacks went Democrat (a smaller, but still overwhelming majority of Asians and Latinos did the same). Normally, if I were to state that a certain group needs special favors to compete, implying that they are inherently inferior, it would be assumed I’m racist. In the topsy-turvy political world we live in, the people who have for years foisted policies that support this ugly narrative on the very people they are purporting to help, to stay in power, are regarded by these same people as their supporters. Even years of failed progressive policies that blatantly ignore and even exacerbate the actual root problems in the black community (primary among them a preponderance of father absence relative to other groups), has failed to change these beliefs. Now, that’s marketing!

So, in my opinion, the unconscious systemic racism attributed without proof to the Right demonstrably exists on the Left. This position was buttressed by the remark Biden recently made to the effect that a black person isn’t truly black if they don’t vote for him (something he’s tried to walk back). In other words, not only are blacks inferior, they can’t think for themselves.

Who’s the real racist?

Addendum: At the time of publication, the riots are metastasizing. Immorality begets immorality.