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September 1, 2020

The results of the election are already in: they’re invalid.

If you’re paying attention to the talking heads out there, the political field is already being sown with the seeds for a disputed election. The clues are not subtle. Hillary has already made a public statement to the effect that Biden should not concede if the election is close. The Left is claiming Trump’s unwillingness to fund the US Postal Service deficit as voter suppression and disenfranchisement, despite the service’s adequate funding into next year and a multitude of reasonable explanations for not wanting to underwrite a failing enterprise with more taxpayer dollars. All of this presupposes that universal mail-in voting is a good thing, and ignores the evidence to the contrary.

A superficial case can be made for mail-in voting in a time of pandemic. However, the argument falls short when experts such as Birx and Fauci (even despite “expert” fallibilities) rightly point out that if we can go out to buy groceries, we can safely figure out a way to socially distance and vote. The weakness of the opposing argument is further underscored by the absent condemnation by the Left of mass gatherings when implemented for the purpose of protesting for social justice causes. Absentee balloting remains a viable option for those at highest risk from COVID-19, but is distinctly different from universal mail-in voting, which magnifies the risk of fraud tremendously.

The Left has maintained that the evidence for voter fraud is lacking. This is untrue. Even recently, the trial balloon of a New Jersey primary election with mail-in voting required a redo. You can only imagine the potential disaster on a national scale. And vote harvesting, recently legalized here in California, will only magnify the problem. Neither side can be trusted to make arguments based on “principle.” Time and again, the striking inconsistencies in the application of values have demonstrated that political expediency and power come first, and adapting the principles to match is the means to the ends And the political parties aren’t the only threat to the integrity of our election in a digital era susceptible to outside influences.

Whatever your political beliefs (and you know mine), it is in the best interest of both sides to have honest and transparent elections. The move on both sides to preemptively delegitimize the election belies a concern that the results are not in the bag. Barring a blow-out by either side (and possibly despite one), we can expect a contested election. The military has already weighed in that they will not intervene in a disputed election. Will Nancy Pelosi be interim Commander-in-Chief?

In any case, don’t expect the day after the election to be an antidote to our ongoing chaos.


July 20, 2020

I had a discussion with a conservative friend recently. Both his daughter and her husband are liberal; I don’t know if they are Leftist or SJWs, but the fact that the son-in-law labeled my friend racist on the basis of his conservative beliefs alone, gives me a clue which way he’s heading. To maintain the peace (and retain the right to visit with his grandchild) his objections to the characterization were restrained.

My friend is only one of several I know that can no longer discuss politics with their offspring. To foster productive debate, the other person has to have a willingness to engage and the time to defend his or her beliefs with facts on issues that are often nuanced. This is becoming less tenable in the current political climate. I fear I’ve lost at least two childhood friends simply by expressing my views, and I’m not alone in this.

Hence, I discuss politics little at this time with my daughters. While they are intelligent, and certainly well-loved, we agree on little politically. Discussions became cantankerous, so we avoid them. I accept part of the responsibility; I’ve a tendency to become irritated (yeah, I’m working on it) which causes me to appear to them as judgmental. Hence, I’m uncertain how far into woke SJW territory they’ve wandered. I know they support the BLM group-sponsored protests and they regard them as generally peaceful with the violence viewed as an aberrancy and distinct from the protests. They have never overtly called me racist, and I doubt they will, as racism is a sin and they are honorable people. But I’m not sure that they don’t think it. And this uncertainty irks me. I fantasize that if they were coming from a position of believing I’m not racist, but a thoughtful, informed individual who started where they were, my current conservative beliefs would spark introspection and exploration of how I’ve come to this place. Instead, I imagine they regard me as consciously or subconsciously racist, a product of an unenlightened generation. If true, I suppose this was inevitable. They were schooled in a system that increasingly defined the country by its flaws rather than its foundational values and its remarkable progress in living up to them. This has been reinforced by the mainstream media and peers. Such indoctrination beginning at a young age would be hard to overcome.

I recently came across this important video. It should have more credibility than I for people on the other side of the aisle, coming from a former SJW, Keri Smith, who professes to still be a liberal. It is well worth the time to watch. She eloquently validates my fears for the country if the current ascendance of Leftist wokeness is allowed to take its course unimpeded.

I understand that many liberals cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump. If I had a reasonable alternative, I wouldn’t either. While I like many of his policy decisions, his tweets have served to accelerate the alarming social rift (the political malpractice I’ve previously discussed). I don’t see the current Democrat Party as an alternative, not just because I oppose its policies, but because it, and its politicians, have allowed themselves to be commandeered by Leftist woke dogma. I know a lot of informed liberals out there are not fans of this. The recent letter defending free speech, signed by J. K. Rowling and many other prominent liberals, is one indication of this. I believe this ideology to be so toxic to the continued success and unity of our country that a Democrat power shift at this time is untenable, and yes, worse than four more years of Trump. While radical change under Democrat rule will inevitably be opposed, it will continue to accelerate the social/cultural destruction we are now witnessing in this climate of strident mob mentality and appeasement born out of a fear of being labeled and ostracized. I would ask that traditional Trump-hating liberals that are uncomfortable with the effects of the woke transition, dig deep, get some more information, hear out Keri Smith, and then, if you become as alarmed as I am, consider the impact of a Leftist-infused government with fewer checks. I believe that wokeness and informed knowledge of the facts cannot comfortably coexist.