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August 4, 2014

I finally bit the bullet this past week and epublished “Close Encounter” on Amazon. (The book conversion was almost as challenging as writing it.) Even if a sci-fi thriller isn’t your cup of tea you can sample it and ogle the great job my younger daughter did with the cover.

Dr. Dan Chamberlain’s life takes a detour when he’s asked to perform a medical exam on a paranoid schizophrenic committed to a New York City hospital psychiatric ward. Kara Reesha claims to be a microbiologist from Korlon, “class H planet in the Jorlii Galaxy,” sidelined while trying to save the world from a lethal epidemic. Meanwhile, the unwitting disease vector, escaped felon Erol Tabor, is seeking to highjack the international economy. Framed as bioterrorists, Dan and Kara must work to prevent a plague and stop Tabor while eluding both the FBI and Tabor’s agents. Dan’s emotional entanglement with Kara proves to be a mixed blessing as clues to her secret past come to light. The ensuing battle between love and fear will spell the difference between success and global catastrophe.

My interest in writing science fiction spans decades. After winning a journalism award for a college essay I developed a lifelong love of writing. I’ve written dozens and published two short stories, “Predator,” a flash fiction piece which appeared first in the small-circulation anthology Peeks and Valleys and was reprinted in Hancock College’s literary journal, MindPrints; and “In the Mind of the Beholder,” a reworked chapter from his initial foray into full-length fiction, appearing first in the ezine Aoiffe’s Kiss, then earning a second life in the print anthology Wondrous Web Worlds No 7 as a best-of-month favorite. I’ve completed four novels in the genres of science and speculative fiction, with Close Encounter being the first released for publication in ebook format on

You can also visit, a work in progress.