It’s sometimes the little background events that go unnoticed by most of us that signal the gravest tectonic shifts in our society. A couple of these were pointed out by Ben Shapiro this week that are worthy of wider dissemination. They pertain to the lifeblood of rational thought: our language.

Many of us have read George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 published in 1949 that described how language through double-speak was used to control people’s thoughts and minds. We’ve seen real-world examples of this throughout history, but it’s always been, for us, a “foreign” matter, in no small measure a consequence of the abundant safeguards our founders had the prescience to include in our Constitution. At this time, I’m sorry to say, we may be harboring a false sense of security.

The first recent example is the redefinition of “packing the Court.” This has always meant increasing the number of justices for political gain. It was last attempted by Franklin Roosevelt and defeated, with opposition even by his own party members. Earlier this week the Left redefined “packing” to represent a political imbalance in the Court, even if achieved by constitutionally filling empty seats. Some legislators maintained that truly packing the Court with increased numbers would serve to “depoliticize” it. This “left is right” and “up is down” pontificating, if accepted at large, is the beginning of the end for logical thinking.

The second, and more significant event was the redefining of the word “preference,”specifically as in “sexual preference.” During the Senate confirmation hearing for Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Senator Mazie Hirono (D) of Hawaii berated Judge Barrett for having used the term, claiming that since sexual orientation is neither chosen nor mutable, the word in this context is pejorative. The fact that this is patently absurd isn’t what gives the interaction import. Within hours Merriam Webster had changed their online fifth definition from “orientation, as in sexual preference” to “offensive, see usage paragraph below: sexual orientation,” which it now describes as “widely considered offensive.” This is bone-chilling frightening. It has become common for a Leftist proclamation to be adopted immediately by corporations attempting to placate the Twitterati and the mob in general. I’ve seen the same thing occur across renowned scientific organizations. Now we’re seeing these views adopted real-time and given validity by arbiters of our language.

No matter from what side of the political aisle you hail, if you are anything other than lost in the treacherous ideological quicksand of the rabid Left, this should serve as a wake-up call. Reexamine what you’re being told, and who’s doing the telling.

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