As we approach arguably the most important national election in my lifetime, the polls indicate that the country remains equally divided. As is my wont, I offer solutions.

Those of you who remain undecided at this late stage in the face of a clear choice between two candidates that can’t agree on anything—stay home. Continue watching reality TV or whatever it is that occupies your free time. The rest of us have your back.

Those of you who don’t want a change in leadership, consider the dangers of More Of The Same. MOTS helped get us to where we are and will not provide a way out.

Those of you who have decided to change leadership, consider the dangers of MOTS. Professing a desire for change (not the false “hope and change” of the prior campaign) is not the same as doing it. If we change leadership and don’t see a push for three things, I’m afraid we’ll have been handed a bill of goods.

Here’s what we the people must demand:

1. A balanced budget amendment.

2. A simplified or flat tax.

3. An amendment requiring the ruling class to be subject to the same laws they legislate for the rest of us.

Nothing less than a fundamental change in the way we do business will keep us from crashing on the craggy shore of MOTS.


8 Responses to “MOTS”

  1. Sue Says:

    I agree w #3. Good idea.

  2. Ira Says:

    The most important national election in your lifetime was in 2000, and that didn’t turn out so well. It will take generations to repair the damage. I am no fan of Obama either (yes, it’s true!).

    A pox on both their houses.

    • Says:

      Beg to differ. In any case, there was still road to kick the can down 12 years ago. Or, to use a different metaphor, runway to land the plane. If you genuinely feel that re-electing Obama (whom you’re no fan of) is the option of choice, I’d have to say your analytical specs are fogged. We can agree that it will take generations to repair the damage, if we choose to do so. I’m not sure we’ve made that choice yet. We’ll see….

  3. Ira Says:

    As you know, I don’t wear specs at all. 12 years ago Bush was handed not a balanced budget, but a budget with an actual surplus. When he left, GDP had dropped 9% and we were losing 750,000 jobs a month and were deep in debt. Even the Republicans at their recent convention were loath to mention his name.

    Statistics are easy to find and manipulate. The recovery is painfully slow and the debt is still going in the wrong direction and Obama is way too left for my comfort and I, with rare exceptions, have a real distaste for unions. But McCain would have probably had more success with the economy only because most Democrats would have been open to some compromise and bipartisanship. The political system is broken and the Republicans and the tea baggers are primarily responsible.

    When the country is polarized and most people only get their information from the media that they already identify with, compromise is never broached and we continue down this untenable path.

    My challenge to you is: I make a conscious effort to read propaganda from the both the left (New Yorker, New York Times) and the right (Forbes, Wall St Journal). Do you?

    • Davecor Says:

      I’m a conservative, not a Republican ideologue. I have no need or desire to defend Bush or bad behavior on either side of the aisle. I will vote for the candidate most closely allied with my beliefs and hope that the corruption can be overcome. If not, it doesn’t matter who occupies the White House.

  4. Ira Says:

    I admire your rejection of labels. You state that this is the “most important election in (your) …lifetime”. Are the Democrats MORE corrupt than the Republicans?

    • Davecor Says:

      As a conservative I don’t have much credibility when it comes to commenting on this point, but there’s plenty of corruption on both sides of the aisle within the ruling class. I see a bit more on the left. However, I think the ideology is inherently more flawed, perhaps making it more difficult to judge.

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