I’m running for president.

In my mind, that is. I’m campaigning on a platform of “I don’t care.” It’s what I want to hear from a presidential candidate, perhaps for the same “missing something” that keeps the Republican electorate from settling on one of the remaining contenders. I’m mounting the podium now.

My fellow Americans: I’m tired of the bickering. I’m tired of the complaining. Not just among my fellow candidates, but the American people. Yes, I know the government is corrupt and its members have been poor stewards of our money. Yes, I know much of Wall Street has been debauched by crony capitalism. But we have forgotten the elephant standing in our midst: We are their masters—they work for us. And we’ve allowed them to pay us off with our own dollars, buying votes by redirecting our own wealth. While producing nothing they accrue their power and blind us to our own: we, the citizens of the nation, are responsible for putting and keeping them in office. We’ve permitted a permanent ruling class to flourish at our expense, working under a set of rules that is illegal for us and not only legal, but “ethical” for them, because they decide their own ethics. We’ve allowed them to print and borrow dollars so that we may live at a higher standard of living than we’ve earned, while they squander much of the rest, and pass off the debt to future generations, our children and their children. Then we rail at them for their irresponsibility, but we don’t fire them because they pay us not to. We accept an archaic, convoluted tax system that has been tortuously constructed to award winners and losers and give the ruling class even more power, and convince ourselves we don’t have the power to change it, because that’s the way it is, or because it’s scary and risky to make a change, or because we benefit from the dole. We’ve grown our government to such a large part of the economy that we’re afraid to cut it back, even knowing a tree must be pruned yearly to bear fruit for the next.

I don’t care if we have to move into a trailer for a decade while the foundation of the house is retrofitted so it doesn’t collapse. I don’t care if we have to steer the ship into ice-encrusted waters to avoid going aground. Yes, people will be poorer for a while, because we’ve been richer than we deserved. Tragically, people will be sicker and die sooner for a while, because we’ve been profligate with our spending in ways that we shouldn’t have. I do care that a nation built upon the greatest set of values in mankind’s history return to those values and survive. We are now General Motors, with no one to bail us out. Will the world be better with a nation like China at the helm? I think not.

As our sun sets, God has provided an example for us as a warning, a small Mediterranean nation, floundering, unable to change. Is this to be our future? Has more than half the nation been lulled by the mantra of social justice, government payouts that will dull the sword of swift change we need to save ourselves? I hope not.

Many people will say I’m insensitive, a barbarian. I care not about the poor, the weak, the sickly. They’re wrong. The gun has already been loaded, the hammer cocked. We do what we must at whatever price to fix it, or suffer the final consequences of failure, with its even greater cost. People will say I’m slitting my own political throat by proclaiming what no other candidate will—that we, the people have a hand in what is befalling us. They’re right.

I don’t care.


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