The New York Times reported in March that “To truly change the nation’s chronic overuse of medical care, there will have to be a substantial change in the way patients think about healthcare, how medicine is practiced and how it is paid for, economists and doctors say.” They went on to say that the new law “does little to help in those areas. It is important, medical experts say, because it opens the door to medical care for millions of people who were shut out because they could not afford insurance or because they had pre-existing conditions or had reached lifetime caps on insurance payments.” Yet, “controlling overuse is not its focus.”

Those of you who have been following my rants know that I’ve characterized the new health care “reform” as a Ponzi scheme in the manner of programs that have gone before, such as Social Security and Medicare. My main objection to this legislation is that it’s off the mark. You can’t reform without putting the brakes on at least manageable costs, and the elephant in the room is that no one seems to want to tackle an elephant—they’re heavy, and smelly (I assume) and have big tusks (at least the African version—see, I do know a little zoology). Even the New York Times, a paper I often take issue with, knows it.

I’m not alone.


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