The sales pitch begins. Only, in the world of Big Government, it’s after you’re bought the goods.

My wife left me a print-out of a page from the website. Among the largesse we’ve been granted are free preventive care and closure of the Medicare D “donut hole.” There are regulatory changes directed toward insurers to make them more responsive and accountable and limit their profits. All these things sound great. What’s not to like?

The ACC News Digest summarized a serious of stories in February with the headlines, “As Medicaid rolls grow, many states consider cuts” and “[HHS Secretary] Sebelius criticizes health insurers’ rate hikes across the country.”

Well, at least I know who’s going to pay for all those “gimmees”: me. And probably you. Unless you can figure out how to earn less. And if we all earn less, we can all get more for less. What do you mean, “How?” Uh … efficiency of scale? Never mind. That’s the magic of Big Government.

Remember, “never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Ungrateful doomsayers.


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