The Senate now has the 60 votes it needs to give us its Christmas morning present, a shiny new, revamped health care system. Ho, ho, ho. I had hoped that something so vast, complex and expensive would have been hashed out in bipartisan fashion over a couple of years with some input by people actually involved in providing the service, rather than as a holiday stocking stuffer, but perhaps I expected too much. Then again, my expectations of our leaders have been steadily declining over the years, to the point that I’ve viewed them as a step above used car salesmen. 

Used car salesmen haven’t had a particularly glowing reputation in the minds of the American people, yet consider this: they hold down a job in the real world economy, have no guaranteed “Cadillac” health care policy, don’t get to tell other people about their carbon footprint without worrying about their own, and can’t force legislation down your throat in the dead of night without even reading it. Perhaps I’ve sold them short. 

So I propose that the American people canvass their neighborhoods for suitable replacements in Congress. I have no preference as to whether you start with Ford (although they have been fiscally more responsible), GM, or even the ubiquitous Japanese carmakers. After all, they’re efficient and profitable, two attributes that would bring a refreshing change to Washington.


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