The AARP and AMA have come out in favor of the House’s behemoth health care reform bill. I don’t know how many senior citizens the former represents, but the scuttlebutt is that only 1 in 5 physicians are a member of the latter. 

Well, I guess they represent even fewer of us. I’m a member. I joined a number of years ago when I participated in one of their insurance instruments. I don’t recall them asking my opinion, but then again, maybe I was out when the call came in. I’m glad they read the 2,000 some-odd pages for me. All the evidence that’s mounted about federal and state government incursions into health care can now be ignored. Insolvency, I guess, is more of an inconvenience than a fatal flaw. 

That’s good, because with reimbursements steadily dropping, as employers we’re already approaching the point where things are getting a bit “inconvenient.”


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