Well, the new health care bill, supported by the AARP and AMA alike, has passed the House. 

I’m disappointed. 

I like the idea of everybody being covered for everything without exclusion of pre-existing conditions by a portable policy that will also reduce the deficit. I just wish it had passed sooner. Just received a bill for a minor infection my daughter had treated in an urgent visit clinic totaling about $1300, of which roughly $900 is for testing. I thought one of the benefits of insurance is that they disallow outrageous charges, but apparently they are only responsible in this instance for a third. It wasn’t an ER visit, but the clinic is affiliated with an ER, so I guess the high fees are secondary to contagion by close proximity, like the swine flu. I didn’t have the right anti-fleece vaccine. 

But that will all be taken care of now. 

Write to your senators. Maybe we can push it though before Christmas. The faster the better. Someone might read the bill in the meantime.


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